General Information

What is a One Button Studio?

A One Button Studio (OBS) is a simplified recording studio that gives users the ability to create a high-quality video recording without any previous video production experience. UMD’s One Button Studios provide everything needed to create a polished video project:

  • High definition camera
  • High-directional condenser microphone
  • Studio lighting
  • A projector for content display - if presenting content, please bring your own laptop

What can I do with the One Button Studio?

The OBS will help you create the video content you need to engage the UMD community. Better reach visual and auditory learners by recording your presentation and posting it online for students or colleagues to view.


Create a dynamic virtual lecture
Record a demonstration
Share a bit about yourself in a personal class greeting


Utilize for class presentations
Include a video component in your next project


Create a polished training video for colleagues
Share the services your department offers by posting an informative video

Anyone Can Practice a Presentation

Viewing a video of yourself can help you spot verbal tics, hand gestures, and facial expressions that can detract from your presentation. Use OBS to practice for your final presentation.

Please note that OBS is not a video editing resource. If you plan to edit your video, you’ll need to source other equipment and software. Please see below for more information.


How do I record my presentation in the One Button Studio?

Steps to record at OBS - 1: Insert a USB drive in the dock to begin 2: Press the record button to start recording 3: Press the stop button to end recording 4: Remove the USB drive when finished
The light indicator on the touch panel will flash while the video is downloading to your flash drive.
When the indicator light stops flashing, you’re done!

For more in-depth instruction, please click here.

What should I bring to the One Button Studio?

  • USB Flash Drive (Recommend minimum of 16GB storage for 2 hr video)
  • Laptop (if you plan to show content such as a Powerpoint presentation or other material.) Not necessary if you are not presenting any digital material.
  • Slide advance clicker (the room will not be stocked with one)
  • Laptop adapter for HDMI cable

Need help?

UMD's one button studios are not staffed, they are set up so that you can easily do your recording on your own. If you are having AV trouble, please call 301-405-2500 or email

  1. Reserve your studio space and time.
  2. Contact or call 301.405.2500 to schedule a tech to meet you in that studio at your scheduled time.

How can I get help editing my video?

If you need help taking your video to the next level, or to just make a few edits, there are resources on campus that can assist.

Faculty & Staff

The DIT Academic Technology and Innovation Media Studio provides free and fee-based video and audio production and post-production services to support teaching and learning. The studio and support team are located in Edward St. John room B0324. See the Media Studio services list for details. Complete a Media Studio Request form to identify the kind of service or access you require. (Note: during the Fall 2020 semester access to the studio itself will be very limited; requests for assistance with video editing will be processed remotely based on the availability of qualified staff.)

The DIT Learning Technology Design team can assist faculty and staff with the use of Adobe Spark and Adobe Rush Premiere to edit and produce narrated video assets as well as with the use of Panopto to machine caption and embed video into ELMS-Canvas course spaces or other web pages. Request assistance by emailing


McKeldin Library offers media services to students. Please click here for more information.

TERPware offers higher end video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro (part of the Adobe Creative Cloud App) for free. They also offer other software at reduced prices. Please click here for more information.

Smith School Studio

Faculty and staff of the Smith School may utilize resources in their media production studio.
OTL/Smith Media Production
Studio: 3511 VMH


Where are the One Button Studios?

One Button Studios are located all over campus for your convenience.

Map indicating all the locations of 1 Button Studios

Click the building name to access the OBS scheduling website. If you reserve the OBS in Stamp Student Union, you must also make a reservation to enter the building. Reservations to visit Stamp may be made here.

# Building Room Hours
1 Atlantic Building 1400A Mon-Thu: 9am - 9pm | Fri: 9am - 4pm
2 Computer Science Instructional Center 1113 Mon-Thu: 9am - 9pm | Fri: 9am - 4pm
3 Tydings Hall 0103 Mon-Thu: 9am - 9pm | Fri: 9am - 4pm
4 McKeldin Library 1100A Mon-Thu: 9am - 9pm | Fri: 9am - 4pm
5 Benjamin Building 0227A Mon-Thu: 9am - 9pm | Fri: 9am - 4pm
6 Stamp Student Union 2102 Mon-Thu: 9am - 9pm | Fri: 9am - 4pm
7 Plant Sciences Building 1132 Mon-Thu: 9am - 9pm | Fri: 9am - 4pm
8 Edward St. John Center 0105A Mon-Thu: 9am - 9pm | Fri: 9am - 4pm


How do I schedule time in a One Button Studio?

  1. Go to
  2. Log in (UMD user authentication required)
  3. Find the right studio for you.
    • There are several One Button Studios on campus (see map below).
    • Most OBS are available Monday through Thursday 9a-9p and Fridays 9a-4p.
    • All OBS offer the same high-quality video recording capabilities.
  4. Schedule your time.
    • Studios can be scheduled in fifteen-minute increments.
    • Make sure to schedule enough time to familiarize yourself with the system and give yourself the option to record the presentation more than once/start over if you make a mistake.
    • An hour is recommended, a maximum of two hours is allowed.
    • Rooms may be reserved up to two weeks in advance.
  5. Receive email confirmation
    • You will automatically receive a confirmation email with your reservation information. Make sure to keep that email for future reference.
    • The studio will be unlocked when you arrive, it is not staffed.
  6. Check In
    • Upon arriving at the studio, make sure to check-in to your reservation to confirm your arrival.  You can do this on your personal device by clicking on the “view this reservation” link in the confirmation email, and then clicking the “check in” button.  
    • If you do not check in within 10 minutes after the start of your reservation, it is assumed you are not using the studio and it will be released for others to reserve.
  7. Check Out
    • When you are done, please click the “check-out” button on your reservation page, this helps track actual studio use.