3rd Annual PTK Symposium

Celebrating Professional Track Faculty

The Third PTK Symposium will be held virtually on February 26, 2021, with sessions running from 9 am to 2:30 pm. Following the plenary session, breakout sessions are planned to cover topics from leadership to achieving excellence in teaching, research, service and administration. Join us for a day of sharing, learning, and networking.

The concurrent breakout sessions will be run out of three Zoom channels.  The table below shows the session schedule with the URL for the relevant channel above each column.  You are free to switch between channels during the Symposium.  (Note: You should have pre-registered for the Negotiation session, however).  Please arrive before 9:00 am to the Plenary session in Zoom Channel 1 and use your umd.edu account to avoid a waiting room.  Randomly assigned breakout groups will be created in Zoom Channel 2  for those wishing to share lunch with other participants.  Blank cells indicate no content at that time. 

Note:  The Zoom channels have changed.  If you have previously visited the go.umd.edu links below please clear your browser cache before joining. Please email ptk-symposium-plan@umd.edu or tweet @umdptk if you experience issues logging in.

  ZOOM Channel 1
ZOOM Channel 2
ZOOM Channel 3
8:45-9:00Attendees log into Zoom   
9:00-9:50Opening Plenary
10:00-10:30 Practical Anti-Racism (Teaching)Practical Anti-Racism (Research)
10:30-11:15NegotiationLeadershipEnhancing Your Skills: Teaching
11:15-12:00Practical MentoringUMD Research Development Resources
12:00-12:30Lunch Breakout 
1:00-1:45Promotion to Highest RankConfronting Rank-based BiasEnhancing Your Skills: Service
1:45-2:30Shared GovernanceEnhancing Your Skills: Administration
2:35-3:00Post-event "Happy Hour"  

Opening Plenary | 9:00 - 9:50

Emcee: Katherine Sharp, co-Chair symposium organizing committee

Dr. Katherine Sharp

Dr. Sharp is an Associate Clinical Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health in the School of Public Health (SPH). In addition to her Director of Graduate Studies role, she hold numerous other leadership positions in the SPH and serves on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of American Bone Health, a national non-profit organization promoting bone health.

Dr. Sharp has 14 years of high-level, administrative experience in an accredited School of Public Health, 20 years of public health teaching experience, 12 years of health communication experience, eight of which were working for government consulting firms on health communication/social marketing projects and campaigns funded by the NIH, CDC, CSAP, NSF, and ODPHP. Her research expertise is in health literacy, health behavior theory, social marketing, market research, planning, implementing and evaluating health communication campaigns/interventions, survey design, and focus group moderation. Additionally, she enjoys public speaking and planning and facilitation of workshop and orientations

Dr, Sharp earned her B.S. from UMCP in Community Health Education, her Masters in Public Health (MPH) in Behavioral Sciences and Health Education from Emory University and her PhD in Health Promotion from Kent State University.

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks
by President Darryll Pines
Opening Remarks
by Provost Ann Wylie

Highlighted Speakers

Marcio A. Oliveira is the Assistant Vice President for Academic Technology and Innovation within the Division of Information Technology and also the Executive Director of the Teaching and Learning Transformation Center within the Division of Academic Affairs. In both of these roles, he fosters effective, engaging, accessible, and equitable teaching and learning by guiding strategic institutional vision, pace, and priorities. Dr. Oliveira has been at UMD since 2004. His scholarship and teaching focus on cognitive and motor neuroscience. He is currently responsible for implementing innovative technology-enhanced pedagogical practices and collaborative learning environments and for encouraging educational innovation and experiential learning, all to foster student success.

Dina L.G. Borzekowski, Ed.D, is the Director of the Global Health Initiative at the University of Maryland’s School of Public Health and a Research Professor in the Department of Behavioral & Community Health. Dr. Borzekowski is leading and securing global health collaborations in education, research, and service for the School of Public Health’s faculty, students, staff, and alumni.

Dr. Borzekowski received a B.S. in biology from Cornell University, and then completed two Masters degrees, one in communication, computing and technology (Columbia University) and another in educational media (Harvard University).  Dr. Borzekowski earned her doctorate in developmental psychology from Harvard University.

Dr. Borzekowski’s research expertise is in health communication. She has conducted research around the globe (so far, in around 32 countries), exploring how young people use media and media’s impact on children and adolescents. For almost twenty years, Dr. Borzekowski has been affiliated with Sesame Workshop, helping that organization with many of its international co-productions. Additionally, Dr. Borzekowski’s research explores how new media and technology affect population health and disease prevention.

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. is Principal Lecturer in Vertebrate Paleontology at the Department of Geology, University of Maryland, College Park. His research focuses on the origin, evolution, adaptations, and behavior of carnivorous dinosaurs, and especially of tyrannosauroids (Tyrannosaurus rex and its kin). He received his Bachelors in Earth & Planetary Geology at Johns Hopkins in 1987 and his Ph.D. from the Department of Geology & Geophysics at Yale in 1992. He is also a Research Associate of the Department of Paleobiology of the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History and serves on the Scientific Council of Maryland Academy of Science (which operates the Maryland Science Center (Baltimore, MD). He is also the creator and Faculty Director of the College Park Scholars-Science & Global Change program.

In addition to his dinosaur research, Holtz has been active in scientific outreach. He has been a consultant on museum exhibits around the world, and on numerous documentaries. He is the author of the award-winning popular audience books. He is the current editor of the “Life of the Past” series at Indiana University Press. He received the 2018-2019 Provost’s Excellence in Teaching Award for Professional Track Faculty.

2021 Breakout Sessions

10:00 AM

Practical Anti-Racism (Research Stream)

Pushing against anti-deficit and anti-racist approaches to studying Black students’ experiences in the academy.

Practical Anti-Racism (Teaching Stream)

Strategies for bringing anti-racism practices into your classroom

10:30 AM

Enhancing Your Skills: Teaching

Learn about skills that will allow you to become more effective in teaching students in person and online.


How do you move to a position of leadership in academia?


Negotiation isn’t just for getting a higher salary - it’s also about advocating for yourself and others.

11:15 AM

Practical Mentoring

Come learn about mentoring strategies and resources for both being a mentor and being mentored.

UMD Research Development Resources

What are the keys to success in your research?

1:00 PM

Confronting Rank-based Bias

Participants will learn strategies and techniques for responding constructively when encountering instances of bias based on rank.

Enhancing Your Skills: Service

How do you identify and undertake the service opportunities that are best for you?

Promotion to the Highest Rank

The nuts and bolts of being promoted to the top rank in your track.

1:45 PM

Enhancing Your Skills: Administration

How can you develop yourself to be an effective university administrator?

Shared Governance

What does shared governance actually mean and what are the benefits to getting involved?

2:30 PM: Post-event "Happy Hour"