Sustainability: Community | Growth | Wellness

Celebrating PTK Faculty 

Symposium Co-Chairs

Professional Track (PTK) and other non-tenure-track faculty members make significant contributions to the University of Maryland’s teaching, research, service, and land grant missions. The PTK Faculty, in collaboration with the Office of Faculty Affairs, will host the fifth annualPTK Symposium over two days to celebrate PTK faculty achievements and highlight opportunities. The Symposium will be held virtually over Zoom in multiple tracks on day one and in person on day two. The theme of the symposium is Sustainability with focus on Community, Growth, and Wellness.

This event is a place for faculty, staff, and administrators to gather and share knowledge, learn from experts, find support, recognize accomplishments, and connect with colleagues across the University. The Symposium committee invites all PTK faculty members, TTK faculty members, adjunct faculty members, administrators, and staff members to attend. It will include a diverse group of plenary speakers, engaging and informative workshops, and multiple networking opportunities. 

A group of PTK faculty, with support from the Office of Faculty Affairs, organizes this annual symposium to address topics of interest to the professional track faculty on campus.

Registration opens by the end of January!

For more information, contact ptk-symposium-query@umd.edu.

2023 Annual PTK Sympoisum