Breakout Sessions

This year, program activities are categorized into three themes:

  • Community: PTK faculty build communities within and outside of the campus.
  • Growth: PTK faculty are the catalyst for growth of UMD in research, education and service.
  • Wellness: PTK faculty are crucial for wellness of students, faculty and staff.

There will be 3 concurrent virtual sessions beginning at 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, and 2:30 PM on Thursday, March 2, 2023. Additional sessions will be held in person at Adele H. Stamp Student Union on Friday, March 3, 2023. Click here to see the breakout sessions organized by date and time.

Breakout Session List


Anti-racist Pedagogy

In this session, the presenters will share how to employ an anti-racist pedagogical approach to teaching and learning.  

Presenters will share how to take this pedagogical approach and apply it directly to course design.  The information shared in this session will be based partially on a forthcoming book chapter on employing liberatory pedagogical techniques in leadership, teaching, and learning.

Louisa Nkrumah & Darren Pierre

Community, Growth, Wellness

Building Stress Resilience: Science and Practice

This session will briefly overview some of the science and physiology research behind stress and stress resilience. Options for incorporating stress resilience practices in your daily life will be covered - including experientially. 

Robin Puett


Grants and Project Management

So, your proposal was awarded. After the initial excitement of an award notification, your next thought might be, “What comes next?”

This workshop will delve into some of the dos and don’ts of post award management including best practices and common pitfalls. 

Whether your grant proposal was funded or you are thinking of submitting a proposal in the future, attendees will become more knowledgeable of post award activities including budget monitoring, reporting, record retention, and closeout.

Kalika White

Growth, Wellness

Innovative Pedagogical Practices

In this presentation, presenters will share best practices on effective pedagogical techniques for teaching and learning. Through their own experiences and leading conversations on pedagogy employing critical perspectives, the presentation team intends to support  instructors as they further develop their approach to classroom instruction.


Darren Pierre & Kristan Cilente Skendall


Managing Research

This session will highlight Dr. MacLeod’s research career path at University of Maryland and explore challenges and opportunities in moving to managing their research labs as PTK faculty.  

Katrina MacLeod & Paul Goeringer


New Faculty 201

Learn about UMD policies and procedures affecting PTK faculty, and how they get implemented in the colleges. Find out about useful resources and opportunities in shared-governance.

John Bertot & Katherine Sharp

Community, Growth, Wellness

Pursuing Research as a Teaching Faculty Member

During this session Dr. Izursa will share his experiences developing an active research portfolio as a teaching faculty member, including how he has been able to secure funding to support that research. 

Jose-Luis Izursa

Growth, Wellness

The Smith Experience: PTKs mentoring PTKs and TTKs mentoring PTKs

The panel will look at two successful mentoring experiences where a PTK mentored another PTK and a TTK mentored a PTK faculty. What does it take to be successful? 

Zeinab Karake, Leigh Anenson, and Jennifer Gershberg

Community, Growth, Wellness

Tips for Successful Grant Writing

This session will discuss how to identify funding opportunities and provide tips for successful grant writing. We will close with an opportunity for Q&A.

Cara Kennedy & Hana Kabashi



Career Transitions from Practice to Academia

Panelists will discuss their motivations for refocusing their career on academia, explore challenges they’ve encountered and strategies for navigating those challenges, and discuss how earlier career experience has been a source of strength and perspective in academia. The panel is intended to stimulate attendee participation. Prior to the session, attendees are encouraged to reflect on the following questions, and develop some of their own:

Ken Isman, Chrisine Higley, Brad Jopek


Lessons from the COVID Lockdown

The pandemic lockdown coincided with widespread availability of technologies to allow remote instruction and interaction. This panel discussion will focus on key takeaways from our forced migration to a remote digital environment in the research and teaching arenas. Anticipated themes include:

Heather Yarger, Christine Higley & Mike Drerup

Community, Growth, Wellness

Managing Burnout and Stress

Burnout is a complicated issue for the workforce, but there are actions you can take to address the loss of energy and enthusiasm in your work. In this workshop, participants will be guided in a reflective process that can reconnect them to the "why" of their work.

Alex Chan

Community, Wellness

PTK Across the Colleges

A panel of Associate Deans will discuss the roles that PTK faculty take on in different colleges, current issues affecting PTK faculty, and how the colleges are approaching changes in PTK policy.

Patricio Korzeniewicz, Stephen Roth, Jinhee Kim, Joe Sullivan