PTK faculty are crucial for wellness of students, faculty and staff.

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In this session, the presenters will share how to employ an anti-racist pedagogical approach to teaching and learning.  

This session will briefly overview some of the science and physiology research behind stress and stress resilience.

So, your proposal was awarded. After the initial excitement of an award notification, your next thought might be, “What comes next?”

The pandemic lockdown coincided with widespread availability of technologies to allow remote instruction and interaction.

Burnout is a complicated issue for the workforce, but there are actions you can take to address the loss of energy and enthusiasm in your work.

Learn about UMD policies and procedures affecting PTK faculty, and how they get implemented in the colleges. Find out about useful resources and opportunities in shared-governance.

The panel will look at two successful mentoring experiences where a PTK mentored another PTK and a TTK mentored a PTK faculty. What does it take to be successful?