PTK Symposium Speaker Detail

Dr. Matt Parker

Matt Parker

Principal Agent Associate, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Aquaculture Business Specialist; University of Maryland Extension

Dr. Matt Parker is the Aquaculture Business Specialist with University of Maryland Extension. He received his B.S. (Fisheries Science) from North Carolina State University in 1997, with a Master of Aquaculture (2001) and MBA (2002) from Auburn University. He completed his Ph.D in Environmental Science from the University of Maryland in 2019 focusing on the effects of debt financing on Maryland Oyster Aquaculture Farm Profitability. Prior to joining University of Maryland Extension in 2011, Matt was an Aquaculture Business Specialist with the North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services from 2003-2010. Matt has spent his career educating aquaculture producers about the need for proper business planning and assisting them in writing business plans and finding financing. He was recruited to provide aquaculture business planning instruction for the Myanmar Fisheries Federation as part of the USAID Farmer 2 Farmer program during the summers of 2014 and 2015. Matt’s current projects include robotics to improve shellfish aquaculture production, shellfish aquaculture financial benchmarking, developing online tools to aid with shellfish aquaculture business planning, striped bass aquaculture economics, assessing the economic impact of the US aquaculture inudsrty, and providing one-on-one shellfish aquaculture business planning guidance to those currently operating and those interested in starting a shellfish aquaculture business. Matt is a Past-President and former Sec/Treasurer of the US Aquaculture Society.