Annual Activity Report Submission Guide

Faculty Success is being used to document faculty achievements and facilitate the annual activity report review and approval. Below is the instruction guide for the Annual Activity review process.

Instructions for Annual Activity Review Procedure

  1. Enter your Activities on the Faculty Success Platform for the calendar year 2021.
  2. Go to Workflow section (available in the top red bar); Workflow Tasks will open
  3. Open the UMD 2021 Annual Faculty Activity Review task available in the Inbox section.
  4. Read the instructions on how to prepare your annual report. Upload your personal statement if you are choosing to include one for the year.
  5. Refresh your Annual Report.
  6. Use Actions->Submit to Approver, when you are ready to submit your annual report and optional personal statement.
  7. If after submitting you need to make a change, recall the submission, revise, refresh the report and submit it again.


Detailed instructions are available below.

If you encounter issues or find yourself stuck at some point, please reach out to

Detailed Instructions

  1. Log in to Faculty Success through the homepage available at
login button at top right of page
  1. In the Activities section, enter your activities for the calendar year 2021. Use the Annual Report Sections to review what is included in the report and where data is pulled from for each section.
Main Activities screen of Faculty Success
  1. Once done entering Activities, proceed to the Workflow section (in the top red bar).
Workflow tool in red bar


  1. Workflow task page will open. Find the UMD 2021 Annual Faculty Activity Review task in the Inbox section and open it.
Workflow tasks page


  1. The Faculty Step of Workflow opens. This Workflow step provides instructions on entering your activities, key areas to remember to cover and the use of Rapid Reports to review your 2021 Annual Activity Report. It is where your Annual Activity Report is included, and where you can add an optional Personal Statement.
Faculty step of Workflow
  1. Report Refresh Warning - Click Refresh All: If you see the highlighted message below, you should click 'Refresh All' It indicates the date and time when the annual report was attached to the workflow for the first time. In order to have your new changes and activities reflected in the report submission, please make sure to click on the Refresh All option.


    Note: You can still make the necessary changes in your activities directly in the Faculty Success. You will have the option to refresh the report in the next step as well.

    refresh popup box
  2. You can optionally include a personal statement, by attaching a document.
  3. Use the Refresh Report button to the right of the Adobe Acrobat icon to ensure that the most updated version of your Annual Activity Report is included.
  4. Verify content of Annual Activity Report by clicking the report Acrobat symbol to view a copy. If you edited activities and the changes are not appearing, click Refresh Report. The system will also warn you when the version of the report attached in this workflow step is more than a day old. The Refresh All button in the red warning section will also refresh the report.
Refresh Report button
  1. When you are ready to submit your 2021 Annual Activity Report and any associated personal statement, click on Actions and then select Submit to Approver to complete your Annual Faculty Activity form.Actions Send to Approver button

    Unit Approvers review the Annual Activity Report, with any personal statement or other documentation that has been submitted.

Recalling Your Submission

If you find you need to make changes after you have submitted your form, you can Recall your report, make changes and Submit it again when you are ready.

  1. Access your submission from the History of the Workflow Tasks view.Entry in History
  2. Use the Recall button to bring the report submission back.Recall button
  3. After making changes to your report and/or personal statement, make sure you Refresh Report to get the updated version of your annual report, and use Submit to resubmit, when you are ready.