Create Your Own Reports...and Share Them

Not only can you generate custom reports in Faculty Success such as the Annual Activity Report, or UMD Vita, but you can also create your own report templates, save them for future use and share them with other Faculty Success users.

Use the Create a Report tool under Reports to start constructing your own personal report template. 

Create New Report button

Three report types are offered. The Blank Document and Vita options take you to the self-service report definition tool, explained in detail in this guide. Note that the Vita option opens with a default Vita format provided by the Faculty Success platform; it is not customized for University of Maryland.

The Export Data option offers data download capabilities in CSV format.

The three report styles available: Blank Document, Vita and Export Data

Within the self-service report tool, you can define the sections for your report, and the associated data screens. With each data screen, you will be able to choose the format of the citation, apply filters on the data to determine what is included and identify grouping for the data in the report.  

Note that when you are asked to choose a Style for the activity screen, it is recommended that you choose the style that matches the screen name; the 'default' style is supplied by the vendor and is not tailored to our needs at the University of Maryland.

The screenshot below shows how activities in a report can be filtered based on particular field values. For the Honors and Awards screen, activity data could be filtered on values of the Nominated or Awarded?, Academic Domain, Regional Scope or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion related fields. 

Filtering activities on certain fields

To run the report and exported the formatted information in Word or PDF format, open the Options button. Report font/style options as well as a detailed help page are available under Options as well. 

options button

The suite of option tools is displayed after Options is clicked. Options tools include Format, Filter (date range), Exclude/Include Blank Sections toggle and output format (Word or PDF).

Options tools available

You can save your report to use and refine in the future.  Your saved report is available through Rapid Reports or the main Reports tool.

And users with departmental or college level access can share the reports they create with other Faculty Success users. The Share option is exposed by clicking the Options button.