A new screen has been added to Faculty Success in the General Information section: Media Appearances and Interviews. This screen captures any media appearances (e.g., news outlets) and/or interviews where you were invited to share your professional expertise.

All authors and other contributors in publications are now listed in the citations generated in Digital Measures reports (e.g., Annual Activity Report, UMD Vita, etc.). This change is driven by the campus focus on research integrity.

UMD ADVANCE and the Office of Faculty Affairs offer useful resources to help individual faculty and campus leaders navigate, address, and document the impact of the pandemic on faculty members.

Faculty Work Activities Impacted by COVID-19This document lists the kinds of faculty work activities that may have been impacted by the pandemic that faculty members may wish to document for the purposes of evaluation, promotion, and reporting. The Office of Faculty Affairs has subsequently mapped these work activities into the relevant Digital Measures fields.

Using Digital Measures to Strategically Document COVID-19 Impacts and Invisible Faculty Labor: This document offers guidance and examples on the use of the new optional Notes & Annotations fields and the personal narrative statement, to highlight new or ongoing invisible labor and to show how faculty's research, teaching and service may have changed, in quality and/or quantity.

Two faculty forums are being offered on this topic:

Faculty Forum (TTK): Communicating Your Impact During the Time of COVID-19 February 8, 2021 12-1pm

Faculty Forum (PTK): Communicating Your Impact February 12, 2021 12:30-2pm

The Patents and Inventions screen has been split into two separate screens, Patents and Inventions, to better support the upcoming integration with UM Ventures. Patent and intellectual property data from Jan-Jun 2020 has been auto-populated through an integration with UM Ventures.

In November, the existing data on the Patents and Inventions screen that was either manually entered, or updated from the Lyterati import, was moved to the corresponding Patent or Inventions screen based on the data. Records imported from Lyterati that were not curated in Digital Measures/Activity Insight have been archived.

If you find that your data is missing or is on the wrong data screen, please contact the Digital Measures team.

We have partnered with University Teaching and Learning and have auto-populated the Teaching Innovation data screen with Teaching Innovation Grant final report data. Teaching Innovation design sprint participation for Summer 2020 has been imported into the Continuing Education screen. We are also planning to bring in data on faculty participation in the ELEVATE and LAUNCH programs as Continuing Education data, by the end of the 2020 calendar year.

To import activity data from an Excel file in Digital Measures, please contact the Digital Measures team with the request details. This service can also be used to apply bulk updates to activity records on a particular Digital Measures screen, avoiding record-by-record editing in the system. We will provide you with an Excel import template for the associated data screen. The columns of the template will correspond to the data fields on that screen. We will give you detailed information on the data format for each column and can load your data into Digital Measures for you.

Five Step Process:

  1. Contact dm-help@umd.edu requesting bulk import for one or more data screens.
  2. Digital Measures team sends an excel template spreadsheet for each data screen requested, along with documentation on the column definitions. (sample template, sample column definitions)
  3. Faculty add their information to the Excel spreadsheet(s).
  4. Faculty send the completed Excel spreadsheet(s) back to dm-help@umd.edu.
  5. Digital Measures team performs the bulk import into the faculty member's account.

A new Notes & Annotations field is now available on the majority of the data screens (usually located near the date fields). This text box can be used to provide a note of explanation related to the particular activity (e.g., COVID-19 pandemic impact to your work, your contributions to this activity). This is also a place for you to provide details about the impact of this activity, and if this is a collaborative activity, your role in it.

The annual activity report template in Digital Measures has been updated to include this annotation information wherever it has been identified.

Based on feedback from the Spring 2020 pilot with Professional Track and Librarian Faculty, the following updates are being made to the system configuration: (a) a Clinical Education screen was added; (b) the Contributions screen has been adopted as an activity screen; (d) the new sections introduced in the "Work in Progress Draft Report" used in the pilot have been merged into the Annual Activity Report template.

Starting in December, 2020, ORA-Managed Awards and ORA-Managed Proposal data will be updated from Kuali Research on a monthly basis, rather than yearly.

Over the 2020 Summer, the confusing "Professional and Campus Service and Committees" screen was split into two separate activity screens, University Service, and Professional Service. Existing data has been migrated to the correct data screen. If you have any questions about this change, please contact the Digital Measures team.

Historical records of faculty participation in thesis/dissertation committees have been loaded into the system based on data from the Graduate School going back to 2013.