Bulk Data Import/Update Service

To import activity data from an Excel file in Faculty Success, please contact the UMD Faculty Success team with the request details.

This service can also be used to apply bulk updates to activity records on a particular screen in Faculty Success, avoiding record-by-record editing in the system. The UMD Faculty Success team will provide you with an Excel import template for the associated data screen. The columns of the template will correspond to the data fields on that screen. We will give you detailed information on the data format for each column and can load your data into Faculty Success for you.

Full details and Excel templates: https://faculty.umd.edu/bulk-data-importupdate-service

Five Step Process:

  1. Contact fs-help@umd.edu requesting bulk import for one or more data screens.
  2. The UMD Faculty Success team sends an Excel template spreadsheet for each data screen requested, along with documentation on the column definitions (templates and column definitions).
  3. Faculty add their information to the Excel spreadsheet(s).
  4. Faculty send the completed Excel spreadsheet(s) back to fs-help@umd.edu.
  5. The UMD Faculty Success team performs the bulk import into the faculty member's account.