Faculty Success Updates

The following improvements have been made to the configuration of the Faculty Success system in the 2023 calendar year. These changes are motivated by feedback from faculty and academic administrators and are meant to hone the system to for maximal use by the campus community.

Updates to Activity Screens


  • Scopus now available for publication import: Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, including scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings. In addition to Web of Science, Crossref, ORCiD and PubMed, it is now possible to have Faculty Success search Scopus for citation information.

  • DOIs and arXiv Identifiers: A new arXiv field has been added to the Publications activity record; it is located near the DOI field. DOI and arXiv identifiers have been standardized in the existing publications activity data across all faculty accounts. The standardized format is explained in a popup help menu (see the ? next to the field name), providing the information shown below

    • The DOI format is 10.123/abcd1234 These will be included in citations as https://doi.org/10.123/abcd1234 Examples are: 10.1103/PHYSREVE.106.015305 or 10.1007/S13324-022-00682-W
    • The arXiv format is arXiv:YYMM.NNNNv# [category] Examples are: arXiv:2302.04974 [math.NA] or arXiv:2203.02769 [physics.plasm-ph]

Clinical Trials: A new activity screen has been created to support documentation of clinical trials. Data from Academic Analytics automatically updates the Clinical Trial screen on a monthly basis. Faculty can enrich this data by adding a description, and also any information about its relation to Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Faculty can also create their own clinical trial activity records. This activity is reported in the Annual Activity Report and the Multi-Year Activity Report.

Endowed and Named Positions: Another new activity screen has been created to standardize representation of endowed and named chair and professorships at the university.  The Endowed or Named Positions activity screen is automatically updated yearly in December, with information from University Relations. Please note that the information provided by University Relations is sometimes incomplete so faculty should edit their Endowed or Named Positions records with the appropriate information, particularly regarding dates, along with other information as they see fit. The Name of Endowed Position field on the Personal and Contact Information screen is also updated in the yearly run, if it did not previously contain anything. 

Prior to this standardization, endowed and named position information was documented in a number of different ways, either on the Other Appointments, Honors and Awards, Other Awards and Gifts or University Service activity screens. Going forward, this information will be documented on the Endowed or Named Positions screen, making it easier to locate the information as well as include it in reports.

Course evaluations extend back to Fall 2007: Over the summer, the Office of Faculty Affairs was able to partner with DIT and IRPA to bring in student course evaluation data (now Student Feedback on Course Experiences) from the Fall 2007 term through Spring 2014 into Faculty Success. Course evaluation data now is available in the platform from Fall 2007 through to the present.

Terminal Degrees Enriched in Educational Background: Using degree data from Academic Analytics, the Educational Background data for faculty has been enriched for those who did not previously have their terminal degree included in the platform. The Academic Analytics data includes Degree Type, marks as Highest Degree Earned, includes completion year and Institution. Faculty can enhance this data on the Education Background screen by adding the start date, institution location info, major/minor, and dissertation/thesis title information.

Updates to Reports

New DEI Section in Annual Activity Report: A summary of all Diversity, Equity and Inclusion-related activities for the reporting period will be included in a new initial section to the Annual Activity Report and the Multi-Year Activity Report.