Academic Leadership Program Fellows

Established in 1989, the Academic Leadership Program (ALP) develops leadership and administrative skills of academic administrators and faculty on Big 10 Academic Alliance campuses. The ALP is oriented to the challenges of academic administration at major research universities. It is designed to help current administrators to meet these challenges and to assist faculty interested in administration to gain a clearer understanding of academic leadership.

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Name Department Year
Linda Aldoory College of Arts and Humanities 2020-2021
Jóhanna Birnir Government and Politics 2020-2021
Michael Dougherty Psychology 2020-2021
Wayne Lutters College of Information Studies 2020-2021
Marc Pound Astronomy 2020-2021
Patrick Warfield School of Music 2020-2021
Kenneth Kiger Mechanical Engineering 2019-2020
Patrick Killion Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost 2019-2020
Shawn Parry-Giles Communication 2019-2020
Madlen Simon School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation 2019-2020
Laura Stapleton College of Education 2019-2020
Gerald Wilkinson College of Computer, Math & Natural Sciences 2019-2020
Lawrence Clark Department of Teaching and Learning 2018-2019
Karen Lips Department of Biology 2018-2019
Wolfgang Losert Institute for Physical Science & Technology 2018-2019
Liana Sayer Department of Sociology 2018-2019
Mega Subramaniam College of Information Studies 2018-2019
Mike Faulkender Robert H. Smith School of Business 2017-2018
Jason Geary School of Music 2017-2018
Philip Joyce School of Public Policy 2017-2018
Doron Levy Department of Mathematics 2017-2018
Daryle Williams Department of History 2017-2018
Luisa Franzini Department of Health Services Administration 2016-2017
William Idsardi Department of Linguistics 2016-2017
P.K. Kannan Robert H. Smith School of Business 2016-2017
Frances Lee Department of Government and Politics 2016-2017
Jennifer Rice Department of Teaching & Learning 2016-2017
Rochelle Newman Department of Hearing & Speech Sciences 2015-2016
Rebecca Ratner Robert H. Smith School of Business 2015-2016
Steven Roth Department of Kinesiology 2015-2016
Joseph Sullivan Department of Plant Science & Landscape Architecture 2015-2016
Psyche Williams-Forson Department of American Studies 2015-2016
Brian Butler College of Information Studies 2014-2015
Jaydev Desai Department of Mechanical Engineering 2014-2015
Jonathan Dinman Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics 2014-2015
Carl Lejuez Department of Psychology 2014-2015
Kathryn Wentzel Department of Human Development & Quantitative Methodology 2014-2015