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Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Award

Award Description

This award honors senior faculty who, as men and women of outstanding scholarly accomplishment, combined with excellence in teaching, personify our image of the professorate. It carries an honorarium of $5000. Click here to see a list of Distinguished Scholar-Teacher awardees. Click here to see the schedule of lectures from the current awardees.

DST Lecture Poster


The nominee should have been a current member of our faculty for a minimum of five years and should hold the rank of tenured Professor. Nominees should be men and women possessing a record of outstanding scholarly accomplishment combined with demonstrated excellence in teaching. Nominations may be made by any full-time permanent faculty member.

Nomination Process

Nominations for Distinguished Scholar Teacher must be submitted via on-line registration between September 10 and October 12. Nominators have until November 5 to submit nomination packets (in PDF format) via the APA portal.

The nomination packet must be a searchable PDF and include, as bookmarks:

  • Letter of Nomination: of no more than two pages, usually from nominee’s Chair, Dean, former DST, or DUP. The single letter may be submitted by multiple nominators.
  • Statement of Integration: a brief statement from the nominee on how he/she integrates research and teaching.
  • Curriculum Vitae: The nominee's current CV, preferably in the University of Maryland standard format
  • List of exemplary Research or Creative Activity accomplishments: When applicable, include h-index (indicate source, e.g., ISI or Google Scholar), citation counts, publication venues, review sources, major awards, fellowships or academy elections, etc.
  • Course Listing: A listing of courses taught over the past five years.
  • Teaching Evaluations: Summarized and analyzed student teaching evaluations, preferably in the format recommended in the APT process: Teaching Evaluation Template. Please do not include raw data.
  • Student Comments from Course Evaluations: Include all comments from courses taught in previous five years. Please do not include raw data; rather, cut and paste into document format.
  • List of subsequent placements of graduate students: Include titles and institutions, organizations, or corporations, when known.
  • External Letters of Support: Letters of support from at least two, but no more than three, distinguished scholars outside the university. These letters should focus on the nominee's research accomplishments. Please note any collaboration between the letter writer and nominee, or request this from the letter writer.
  • Student Letters of Support: Letters of support from at least two, but no more than three, current or past students.

Additional materials that further illuminate the nominee's contributions and achievements as a teacher and scholar may be included in a supplemental section:

  • Information related to curriculum development, student mentoring, and/or innovative teaching techniques.
  • Detailed description of awards and honors received.
  • Media Reviews

Please do not include other letters of support or copies of syllabi.