Classroom Projects & Initiatives

Annual Reports

2020 Classroom Report

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Survey Results

The Classroom satisfaction survey gathers information from instructors about their experiences in the classrooms in which they taught the previous academic year. This includes questions about technology components, physical space, and services that impact the teaching and learning experience. Survey results help to inform ongoing planning efforts for modifications to our instructional spaces across campus.

Initiatives and Projects

Classroom Master Plan

The Teaching Facilities Committee was charged by the Provost’s Office in 2016 to audit information about General Purpose Classrooms (GPCs) on campus in light of evolving innovative learning pedagogies and environments, efficient course scheduling, and technological developments. The Classroom Master Plan provides a strategic framework to guide future decision-making related to the governance, planning, and operations of inspiring instructional spaces to support the teaching mission of the University of Maryland. Click here to download the Classroom Master Plan.