Policies of Particular Interest

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Academic Clemency by Undergrads Returning to Campus
Academic Credit by Examination
Academic Integrity
Academic Year (9 mo.) Faculty Paid Over Full Calendar Year (12 mo.)
Accident Leave
Accommodation for Students with Disabilities

Adjunct Faculty Information and Policy

Adoption Leave
Affirmative Action

Animals: Student Participation in Exercises That Involve Animals

Annual Leave
Appeal of Promotion and Tenure Decisions
Appointment of Faculty
APT (Appointment, Promotion and Tenure of Faculty)

Arbitrary and Capricious Grading: Undergraduate Student Policy and Graduate Student Policy

Assignments on Dates of Religious Observances
Attendance, Faculty
Attendance, Students
Bereavement Leave (see Sick Leave)
Canceling Class Due to Inclement Weather
Chairs Five Year Review
Classroom Climate
Code of Student Conduct

College Park Professor: Title DescriptionAppointment and Reappointment

Collegial or Non-Creditable Sick Leave
Confidentiality and Disclosure of Student Records
Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment (see also Paid Work for State Agency)
Consolidation of Programs
Consultancy, Outside (see Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment)
Copying of Copyrighted Material

Copyright Policy (see also the Intellectual Property and Patent policies)

Credit by Examination
Curriculum Vita, University Template
Dangerous Situations: Violence Reporting and Risk Assessment
Deans Five Year Review

Delay of Tenure Review Policy and Procedures

Department Review
Disabled Student Accommodation
Disclosure of Student Records
Discontinuance of Programs
Distinguished Scholar Teacher Nomination Procedures
Early Warning Grades
Emeriti Appointment
Employment of Adjunct Faculty
Evaluations of Tenured Faculty
Examination and Course Assessment
Exceptions to Policy
Exceptions to Salary Increase Policy
Exercises That Involve Animals; Student Participation
Faculty Disability Accommodation Request

University of Maryland Policy on Faculty Merit Pay Distribution and Guidance.

Faculty Titles Defined in APT Policy

Faculty Workload Policy (see also Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest)

Family and Medical Leave Policy and Procedures

Family Member Employment, i.e. Nepotism
Federal Classified Research
Full-Time or Part-time Non-Tenure Track Instructional Faculty

Grading: Examination and Course Assessment

Grading Overview
Grading System and Transcript Notations
Grading: Academic Clemency by Undergrads Returning to Campus
Grievances, Faculty
Grievances, Staff
Grievances, Undergraduate Student

Honesty, Student: Overview and Faculty Resources

Human Subjects Policy and the University's Institutional Review Board Procedures

Instructional Policies and Resources

Integrity, Student: Brief Overview and Faculty Resources

Intellectual Property Policy
Jury Duty Policy
Leave and Benefits
Leave for Jury Service

Leave of Absence Without Pay: ProceduresForm, and the USM and UMCP Policies

Lecturer Title DescriptionAppointment and Reappointment/NonRenewal/Termination Procedures

Librarian Appointment, Promotion, and Permanent Status Policy and Procedures

Library Administrators and Team Leader Review
Maternity Leave (see sick leave policies below and Family and Medical policy above.)
Meet and Confer - Guidelines for meetings between campus administrators and both GA and Adjunct Faculty Advisory Boards
Mentoring Report of the Senate Task Force
Misconduct in Scholarly Work
Misconduct, Allegations in Scholarly Work

Moving Expenses Reimbursement to New Employees Policy and Procedures

Nepotism, i.e. Hiring Faculty or Staff Members from the Same Family

Non-Tenure Track Instructional Faculty (Full- or Part-Time) Information and Policy

Nonrenewal of Faculty
Notification for Professional Track Faculty Contract changes

Outside Consulting Activities Policy and Annual Report Procedures (see Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment)

Outside Professional Activities Annual Report Procedures

Outside Teaching (Full- time Faculty Teaching Outside the Home Institution) Policy and Procedures

Overload Teaching Procedures

Paid Work for State Agency Procedures and Permission Form

Parental Leave and other Family Supports for Faculty Policy

Part-time Appointments Due to Childrearing Responsibilities Policy and Request Form

Part-time or Full-time Non-Tenure Track Instructional Faculty

Patent and Technology Transfer Policy and ORAA Procedures

Payment of Salary to Academic Year (9 mo.) Faculty Over Full Calendar Year (12 mo.)

Post-Tenure Review: Please see the University's Policy on the Periodic Evaluation of Faculty Performance II-1.20(A), USM Policy on the Comprehensive Review of Tenured Faculty 19.0 II-1.19, and the Provost's memorandum dated March 1, 2018.  For further guidelines, click here.

Procedures for Addressing Possible Conflicts of Interest

Professional Leave for Librarians Policy and Procedures

Professor of the Practice Title Description,  Appointment and Reappointment/NonRenewal/Termination Procedures

Promotion of Faculty
Reappointment of Faculty
Reduction of Programs
Religious Observance: Attendance and Academic Assignments

Relocation Expenses Reimbursement to New Employees Policy and Procedures

Reproduction of Copyrighted Material
Rescheduling Classes and Exams

Research Faculty Title DescriptionsAppointment and Reappointment/NonRenewal/Termination Procedures

Review of Deans
Review of Department Chairs and Academic Directors
Review of Library Administrators and Team Leaders

Review of Tenured Faculty Policies and Guidelines

Risk Assessment and Violence Reporting

Sabbatical Leave Policy and Procedures

Sale of Instructional Materials in the Classroom

Scholarly Misconduct: General Resources and Definitions; University System Policy; Campus General Policy and Procedures; Campus Special Provisions for Misconduct Related to Public Health Service Regulations

Search Process for Faculty and Staff
Self-Authored Course Materials, Use of
Sexual Misconduct
Sick Leave
Staff Grievance
Student (Undergraduate) Grievances
Student Participation in Class Exercises That Involve Animals
Student Social Media Privacy
Students with Disabilities: Academic Accommodations
Syllabus Guidelines

Teaching at Other Institutions Policy and Procedures

Teaching Overload Procedures and Permission Form

Teaching Policies and Resources
Tenure Clock Policy

Tenure Delay Policy and Procedures

Tenure of Faculty
Tenured Faculty Review
Terminal Leave
Termination of Non-Tenured Faculty
Textbook Affordability Measures
Titles for Faculty from the APT Policy
Transfer of Programs
Transfer of Tenure Home

Tuition Remission Information: Tuition Remission Overview including Eligibility Requirements, Request Forms, and Due Dates ; Tuition Remission for Faculty and Staff Policy; Tuition Remission for Spouses and Children Policy

Unit Review
Violence Reporting and Risk Assessment
Waiver of Credentials Policy
Workload, Faculty Policy