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Volume 5 | Issue 6

February 2022

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February 2022

Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures): Updates

The 2021 Annual Activity Report submission process officially opened on January 18, 2022. All tenured and tenure-track faculty members should complete their 2021 Annual Activity Report by March 11, 2022, and must do so in order to be eligible for merit pay. Professional track faculty members are invited to use Faculty Success to document their activities. Expectations for professional track faculty member participation for 2021 annual reporting are set at the local college/unit level. PTK faculty members should consult with their supervisors regarding whether they are required to use Faculty Success in order to be eligible for merit pay. All reports are due to unit approvers by Friday March 11, 2022.

This short video highlights the key points in the process. Alternatively, detailed instructions are available in the Annual Activity Report Submission Guide.

New Merit Review Report Available

A Merit Review Report template is now available in Faculty Success. This report lets units draw from the activities present in Faculty Success over multiple years. Choose the Merit Review Report type and select the start and end dates for your report. The generated report will automatically pull in the activities from your data across the specified date range.

Create Your Own Reports

Not only can you generate custom reports in Faculty Success such as the Annual Activity Report, or UMD CV, but you can also create your own report templates, and save them for future use. Learn more by viewing this explainer

NIH Biosketch Improved

Faculty Success has updated their built-in NIH Biosketch activity screen and report, to support the latest formatting and content requirements from the National Institutes of Health that were instituted Jan 25, 2022. To bring the NIH Biosketch in Faculty Success into alignment with the new requirements, the following changes have been made:

  • Added a new section to the NIH Biosketch screen where users can link to their related grant records, so it’s easier to reference ongoing and completed research projects in their Biosketch.
  • Updated help text on the “Personal Statement” field to reflect NIH’s intent behind this element of the Biosketch.
  • Updated the report to include the referenced grants and align the headers and formatting with the current standards.

Learn More About Faculty Success

The Faculty Affairs Activities Data website is not only your starting point for logging in to Faculty Success; it is also a resource with short how-to videos, extensive user guides, and contact information for the Faculty Success team. Platform support is available through email and by phone (301.405.7681).

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Volume 5 | Issue 6