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Volume 6 | Issue 1

September 2022

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Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures): Updates

Welcome to the start of the academic year! As a reminder to returning faculty members and to inform our new faculty members, the University continues to implement its faculty activities reporting system: Faculty Success. Based on feedback from faculty and administrators, coupled with an analysis of support requests during the 2021 annual reporting period, we made a number of updates to the reporting system over the summer. 

And remember: although the official reporting and approval process occurs at the beginning of the calendar year, the system is always available for you to add new activities or update information. Get a head start on your activity data today!

System Changes and Enhancements

  • The Annual Activity Report has been restructured to mirror the University CV template. Previously, the Annual Activity Report presented activity information in a manner reminiscent of the previous  Faculty Activity Report (FAR) system. Overall, the ordering in faculty reporting systems have  not been intuitive. Now, the report has the same order as the campus-wide CV template, making it easier to find information included in the report. The Merit Review Report will follow the same format in the coming weeks.
  • Undated activities have been removed. We are aware that some undated information appears in some Faculty Success accounts, and is unwanted in many cases. By default, Faculty Success includes these activities in any report that is generated. The majority of these undated activity records were brought in as a result of the integration of data from the old Lyterati reporting program as Faculty Success was being implemented. This summer, 8400 date-less records originally imported from Lyterati were removed, which should improve the reporting experience for many faculty and administrators across the campus.

More to Come

As the Campus Feedback: Annual Reporting with Faculty Success June 2022 report outlines, the enhancements outlined above are a subset of planned modifications, including:

  • Updates to the University CV template. The Faculty Success Advisory Group identified that a new section is needed in the University CV template - Section V. Public Engagement, Scholarship and Practice. The University CV template has been updated with this new section and a new Activities screen layout is in the works, along with a new screen to support documentation of these important faculty activities. 
  • Improvements to the generation of a University-formatted CV via Faculty Success. The Faculty Success implementation team continues to improve the generation of the University CV by Faculty Success. Known issues are documented in the UMD CV Generation Using Faculty Success resource. Upcoming improvements include:
    • Better presentation of journal editorships;
    • Improvements on the publication citation format; and, 
    • Consolidation of the ORA-managed sponsored awards data to eliminate the yearly records that duplicate entries. 

These will address some known issues with the current CV generation experience using Faculty Success. 

If you have other recommendations for improvement, we welcome your input -

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Volume 6 | Issue 1