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The University of Maryland is committed to, and engaged in, building a diverse and inclusive faculty and community. We have joined in a collaborative partnership with the University of California in 2016 to offer postdoctoral fellowship opportunities at the University of Maryland in all academic fields, coupled with faculty mentoring, professional development, and academic networking opportunities.

The University seeks applicants whose research, teaching, and service will contribute to diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity in higher education and at the University of Maryland. The President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is interested in scholars with the potential to bring to their research and teaching the critical perspective that comes from their educational background or understanding of the experiences of groups historically underrepresented in higher education. The program, in particular, encourages applicants who would increase representation in campus units where women and minorities are underrepresented. Although the Program is open to all fields and disciplines, preference will be given to applicants whose research interests fall within the biomedical sciences.

Promise Academy

In Fall 2018, the University received a grant from the National Science Foundation to enhance its faculty diversification efforts. In conjunction with other University System of Maryland universities, the AGEP PROMISE Academy Alliance - University System of Maryland seeks to increase the number of historically underrepresented minority (URM) tenure-track (TT) faculty in the biomedical sciences within the University System of Maryland (USM) campuses.

The University of Maryland, College Park in particular seeks President’s Postdoctoral Fellows who are interested in pursuing tenure track faculty positions within the USM in biomedical science disciplines (e.g., Bioengineering, Biology, or other related fields). Applicants who wish to be considered for this opportunity should address their interest in the required application Research and Education Background statements.

Fellows admitted into the PROMISE Academy are expected to participate in Academy on campus (College Park) and USM activities (other USM campuses) and will receive additional support for their research programs.

For more information about the PROMISE Academy, please contact us at

Contact Information

Inquiries should be directed to Blessing Enekwe, Program Director, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, at

Mailing Address:
Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
University of Maryland
2100A Lee Building
7809 Regents Drive
College Park, MD 20742

Program Staff

John Bertot
Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
University of Maryland Office of the Provost

Blessing Enekwe
Program Director
Office of Postdoctoral Affairs