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Proxy Access Permission Form

Faculty members can assign the right to act as one-to-one delegates to other campus employees (i.e. serve as proxies) in Faculty Success. An individual assigned by a faculty member as one-to-one faculty proxy is able to manage the faculty member's Faculty Success data, and run reports for that faculty member. Proxy access users are not able to submit reports through workflow.

Delegate access can be assigned to a campus employee. Delegate access gives read-only access to a user at the university/college/department level for annual reviews, accreditation reports etc. Delegate access is granted by a dean, director or chair to a user and grants read-only access at their associated access level in Faculty Success. Delegates can view activity data for faculty within that unit, and can run reports pulling data from one or more of the faculty within that unit.

Note that an Faculty Success user account can be configured to have both proxy access and delegate access.

This form enables a faculty member to grant proxy and/or delegate access to a UMD employee to enter information and/or run reports on the faculty member's behalf.

If you encounter any issues while filling out this form, you can alternatively complete this Word version of the form. Sign the form, scan it and send the scan file to