Faculty Activities Data: Telling Y(Our) Story

2023 Annual Activity Reporting

The 2023 reporting cycle will open on January 16, 2024 and conclude March 15, 2024. Chairs, directors and deans will have until March 31, 2024 to complete their reviews and approve faculty-submitted annual reports. 


All tenured and tenure-track (TTK) faculty members must complete an annual report of their research, teaching, and service activities so that the University may meet its state- and University System of Maryland-mandated reporting requirements. Librarian faculty will continue to report their annual activities using Faculty Success in their FMARF report.  


All benefits-eligible Professional Track faculty (PTK) will be able to participate in 2023 Annual Activity Reporting using Faculty Success and Workflow. These PTK faculty members will be included in the Workflow setup in Faculty Success and will receive all of the annual reporting communications. Individual units will make the determination as to whether annual reporting is required of their PTK faculty or not.

This short video highlights the key points in the submission process. Alternatively, detailed instructions are available in the Annual Activity Report Submission Guide.



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Reporting opens January 16, 2024 [...]

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