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User Guides

Annual Activity Report Submission Guide Seven steps from start to finish to prepare and submit your annual report.
Where does THIS go? Examples of activities and their corresponding Faculty Success screens.
Creating Biosketches in Faculty Success

A key philosophical principle of the Faculty Success faculty activities system is to maximize the "enter once, use many times" approach. The system's support for biographical sketches aligns with this principle.

University CV Generation with Faculty Success: Detailed guidance on using the University CV report in Faculty Success to generate your CV in the University format.
Faculty Success Activity Screens Explained

The table below describes the uses for activity screens available in Faculty Success. The entries are presented in the order they appear on the Activities screen in Faculty Success. The screens related to UME Extension are not described below.

LibGuide on Publication Import: Detailed guide on the use of the Publication Import feature in Faculty Success (UMD Libraries/OFA).
Documenting Faculty Activities (Data Screens): Mapping of faculty work activities that may have been impacted by the pandemic with details on their placement in Faculty Success (ADVANCE/OFA).
Faculty Titles Included in Faculty Success Details on which paid faculty are included as users in Faculty Success, by faculty title.
Faculty Success User Guide for Faculty: Full detailed guide to using the Faculty Success system as a faculty member.
Activity Screens and Fields: Details: Spreadsheet with configuration details of all activity data screens in the system and the fields defined on each screen.