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Expectations and Responsibilities for Faculty Members

University of Maryland College Park

As Maryland’s Flagship university, the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) is committed to “develop and disseminate knowledge in an environment that fosters intellectual discourse, free speech, diversity, inclusion, freedom from violence, and mutual respect.”[1] Further, as the Flagship campus with a Land Grant mission, “UMD strives to provide exceptional and affordable instruction for Maryland's most promising students. As a pre-eminent locus of scholarship, the University builds and maintains a world-class capacity in the sciences, arts and humanities, and extension activity to support ground-breaking discoveries that address the most pressing global challenges and inspire the human imagination. As one of the country's first land-grant institutions, UMD uses its research, educational, cultural, and technological strengths in partnership with state, federal, private, and non-profit sectors to promote economic development and improve quality of life in the State of Maryland.”[2]

UMD faculty, staff, and students contribute to and benefit from UMD’s pursuit of excellence, land grant mission, innovation, and ingenuity. The diversity of scholarship, community, and experiences enrich our campus community, and it is the responsibility of UMD faculty, students, and staff to promote and model a respectful, inclusive, and positive environment and climate. Employees of UMD bear particular responsibility to maintain and model the highest standards of ethics and conduct, as articulated in the UMD Principles of Ethical and Responsible Conduct.[3]

All members of the faculty[4] have the rights and responsibilities of academic freedom and freedom of speech. They have the right to due process, and retain civil and other rights afforded to them by the U.S. Constitution, federal and state laws and regulations, and University System of Maryland (USM) and UMD policies. In addition to these rights, faculty members have particular responsibilities and expectations as representatives of and leaders within the UMD community and the USM, as well as employees of the state of Maryland. These expectations and responsibilities are documented in a range of federal and state laws and regulations, USM policies, UMD policies adopted through its shared governance process executed with the University Senate,[5] and through UMD aspirational statements such as those included in the UMD's Fearlessly Forward strategic plan. The following UMD Faculty Expectations and Responsibilities aggregation provides a concise guide for faculty members in fulfilling their research, scholarship, and/or creative activities; instructional activities; service activities; and state employee roles. These expectations fall broadly in the areas of engagement, professionalism, integrity, and compliance.


University Senate Resolution Reaffirming Core Values and Principles. (Back to text)


University Mission, as approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, August 1, 2018. (Back to text)


UMD Principles of Ethical and Responsible Conduct. Division of Administration and Finance, University of Maryland College Park. Available at: (Back to text)


All individuals who hold UMD faculty titles (Tenure/tenure track; Professional Track; and Permanent Status) are included in the faculty and referenced by the phrase “faculty member.” (Back to text)


Faculty members should become familiar with USM and UMD faculty-related policies found on the President’s website, particularly sections II, (Faculty), III (Academic Affairs), and IV (Research). (Back to text)

Articulated Faculty Expectations and Responsibilities


ExpectationsRelated Policies
Faculty members have a responsibility to nourish a climate of intellectual growth, foster curiosity, advance knowledge, mentor, and provide outstanding and innovative learning experiences.University of Maryland College Park Mission Statement
Faculty members enjoy the rights that academic freedom affords them, and therefore are expected to embrace the responsibilities that academic freedom carries in meeting their instructional, research, creative activities, service, and public engagement pursuits.AAU Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure
II-1.00(A) - Policy and Procedures on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure of Faculty
Additional resources: Academic Freedom and Free Speech
As stewards of the University and their academic units, faculty members are expected to participate actively in their units, engage in shared governance as appropriate, and remain informed of relevant unit, UMD, and USM policies and procedures.I-6.00 Policy on Shared Governance in the University System of Maryland
University of Maryland College Park Plan of Organization for Shared Governance
II-3.10 - Policy on Professional Commitment of Faculty


ExpectationsRelated Policies
Faculty members are expected to fulfill and meet their essential duties of research, creative activities, instruction, and service.

Faculty members are responsible for cultivating a respectful and inclusive instructional and work environment.

Faculty members are expected to establish and maintain a safe work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment, engage in civil behavior, and treat everyone including colleagues, students, staff, administrators, and others, with respect, courtesy, and dignity. This expectation applies whenever a faculty member is engaged in professional activities on and off campus (e.g., at conferences, research centers, other institutions, etc.) and all forms of communication (e.g., email, social media) related to the faculty member’s UMD affiliation. Faculty members are expected to respond appropriately to misconduct on the part of others within the UMD community.

Faculty members are expected to model and exhibit professional conduct.

The University is a professional work environment and as such faculty are expected to engage in professional behavior in conducting their activities, such as timely and professional communication with students, colleagues, staff and administrators; timely completion of assigned workload; and respectful and open deliberation and discourse without reprisal or retaliation.


ExpectationsRelated Policies
Faculty members are expected to engage in their essential duties (research, scholarship, creative activities, instruction, and service) with the highest standards of integrity, responsibility, excellence, and within the accepted practices and norms of their field(s) and profession(s).

Faculty members are expected to engage responsibly in their instructional, research, and service activities and assignments.

Faculty members are expected to avoid any conflicts of interest and/or commitment; to ensure compliance with any responsible conduct of research requirements (e.g., research restrictions, export controls, intellectual property, lab safety, animal and/or human subjects protocols, or other requirements); create and sustain a classroom environment conducive for optimal learning; and to ensure the timely dispatch of required deliverables (e.g., submission of grades, annual Outside Professional Activities reporting, annual faculty activities reporting).


ExpectationsRelated Policies
Faculty members are expected to participate in and comply with all reporting and review processes (e.g., annual, promotion and tenure, PTK promotion, permanent status, merit, post-tenure) as required per USM, UMD, College, and Unit policies.
Faculty members are expected to maintain confidentiality of procedures, proceedings, personnel matters, student records, and other processes that depend on confidentiality.