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Change in Appointment Term

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Faculty who wish to change from a 9.5 or 10 month contract to an Academic Year (9 month) contract must complete the Request For Change In University Of Maryland Appointment Agreement form. Faculty members who are currently on 12-month appointments may request, after consultation with their department chair, a change in the fraction of their salary provided by the State. If approved, the change should be reflected in PHR. The change must be consistent with the policy adopted by the faculty member's college.

The form should be signed by the faculty member's department chair and dean. Faculty who have joint appointments must obtain the endorsement of the heads of both units, and if the appointment spans two colleges, both deans. By March 15th, the signed form should be sent to the Office of Faculty Affairs, 2117 Main Administration Building, for certification. If the faculty member is changing to a 12-month appointment, the signed form must be accompanied by a letter explaining why the conversion is appropriate and what will happen to the faculty member's salary and leave balances when he/she returns to an Academic Year (9-month) appointment.

Upon verification of the information and obtaining final approval from the Provost, the Associate Provost will retain the original and disseminate copies to the faculty member, dean, department chair, and Payroll Office. In order for the change in appointment status to be effective at the beginning of the next fiscal year, the appointment change request must arrive at the Office of the Associate Provost by the preceding March 15th.