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Award Recipients List

Academic Leadership Program Scholars

Name Department Award Date
Hester Baer School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 2023-2024
Jason Farman Department of American Studies
The Graduate School
Mohammad Gharipour Architecture Program 2023-2024
Stephanie Lansing Department of Environmental Science & Technology 2023-2024
Trevor Parry-Giles College of Arts and Humanities 2023-2024
Nihat Polat Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership 2023-2024
GerShun Avilez Department of English 2022-2023
Tamara Clegg College of Information Studies 2022-2023
Wedad Elmaghraby Robert H. Smith School of Business 2022-2023
Kenneth Elpus School of Music 2022-2023
Megan Peercy College of Education 2022-2023
Joshua Singer Department of Biology 2022-2023
David Godes Robert H. Smith School of Business 2021-2022
Kimberly Griffin College of Education 2021-2022
Rafael Lorente Philip Merrill College of Journalism 2021-2022
David Lovell Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 2021-2022
Jean McGloin College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 2021-2022
Jordana Saggese Department of Art History & Archaeology 2021-2022
Linda Aldoory (Left UMD) College of Arts and Humanities 2020-2021
Johanna Birnir Department of Government and Politics 2020-2021
Michael Dougherty Department of Psychology 2020-2021
Wayne Lutters College of Information Studies 2020-2021
Marc Pound Department of Astronomy 2020-2021
Patrick Warfield (Left UMD) School of Music 2020-2021
Kenneth Kiger Mechanical Engineering 2019-2020
Patrick Killion Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost, First-Year Innovation and Research Experience (FIRE) 2019-2020
Shawn Parry-Giles Department of Communication 2019-2020
Madlen Simon School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation 2019-2020
Laura Stapleton College of Education 2019-2020
Gerald Wilkinson College of Computer, Math & Natural Sciences 2019-2020
Lawrence Clark Department of Teaching and Learning 2018-2019
Karen Lips Department of Biology 2018-2019
Wolfgang Losert Institute for Physical Science & Technology 2018-2019
Liana Sayer Department of Sociology 2018-2019
Mega Subramaniam College of Information Studies 2018-2019
Mike Faulkender Robert H. Smith School of Business 2017-2018
Jason Geary (Left UMD) School of Music 2017-2018
Philip Joyce School of Public Policy 2017-2018
Doron Levy Department of Mathematics 2017-2018
Daryle Williams (Left UMD) Department of History 2017-2018
Luisa Franzini Department of Health Services Administration 2016-2017
William Idsardi Department of Linguistics 2016-2017
Pallassana K. Kannan Robert H. Smith School of Business 2016-2017
Frances Lee Department of Government and Politics 2016-2017
Jennifer Rice Department of Teaching & Learning 2016-2017
Rochelle Newman Department of Hearing & Speech Sciences 2015-2016
Rebecca Ratner Robert H. Smith School of Business 2015-2016
Steven Roth Department of Kinesiology 2015-2016
Joseph Sullivan Department of Plant Science & Landscape Architecture 2015-2016
Psyche Williams-Forson Department of American Studies 2015-2016
Brian Butler (Left UMD) College of Information Studies 2014-2015
Jaydev Desai (Left UMD) Department of Mechanical Engineering 2014-2015
Jonathan Dinman Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics 2014-2015
Carl Lejuez (Left UMD) Department of Psychology 2014-2015
Kathryn Wentzel Department of Human Development & Quantitative Methodology 2014-2015
Gary White University Libraries (Pennsylvania State University) 2009-2010