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Teaching Policies & Guidelines

Below is specific information about basic communication with your students, such as information that should be included on your syllabus, and student attendance policies and recommendations. This page also provides information about teaching practices, such as policies about course materials, course design, and final exam schedules. There is also information about administrative expectations, such as faculty attendance, and classroom climate.

  • Academic Freedom and Free Speech

    This information is intended to facilitate discussion and inform faculty broadly regarding the scope of academic freedom and free speech.
  • Calendar | Useful Dates

    A list of dates for use in planning your course.
  • Course Design

    This topic covers class materials, copyright, student feedback on course experience, assessment guidelines, final examinations, and grading.
  • Expectations of Faculty

    These expectations cover the attendance, scheduling, and classroom matters such as climate, accessibility and grading.
  • Grade Definitions

    The University's marking system defines the standards for letter grades. Attendance should not be used in the computation of grades; instructors can, however, grade students on class participation.

  • Syllabus Guidelines

    The information below represents requirements and recommendations for undergraduate course syllabi, including the policy changes, but this information may be considered as best practice for a syllabus on any level.