Award Recipient List

professional track faculty excellence

Type the four-digit year
Name Department Year
Joe Bailey Robert H. Smith School of Business 2023
Hilary Bierman Biology 2023
Evelyn Canabal-Torres School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 2023
Brian Connor Sociology 2023
Nazish Salahuddin Psychology 2023
Jason Smith Psychology 2023
Julie Taddeo History 2023
Negin Fouladi Health Policy and Management 2022
Jandelyn Plane Computer Science 2022
Fawzi Emad Computer Science 2021
Nancy Gallagher School of Public Policy 2021
Joanna Goger Environmental Science and Policy 2021
Candace M. Moore Counseling, Higher Education and Special Education 2021
Tori Page-Voth Counseling, Higher Education and Special Education 2021
Christy Tirrell-Corbin Human Development and Quantitative Methodology 2021
Tracy Tomlinson Psychology 2021
Lisa Boté Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership 2020
Roohollah Ebrahimian Mathematics 2020
Christine Harvey Philip Merrill College of Journalism 2020
Chengquan Huang Geography 2020
Igor Puchtel Geology 2020
Marcia Shofner Entomology 2020
Roy Walls Institute of Applied Agriculture 2020
Cornelia Fermuller Institute for Advanced Computer Studies 2018-2019
Melissa Hayes-Gehrke Astronomy 2018-2019
Thomas Holtz Geology 2018-2019
Sarah Mallory Counseling, Higher Education, Special Education 2018-2019
Eusabia Mont Hearing and Speech Sciences 2018-2019
Michael Osterman Mechanical Engineering 2018-2019
Peter Potapov Geographical Sciences 2018-2019
Martha Randall School of Music 2018-2019
Ebony Terrell Shockley Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership 2018-2019
Susan White Finance 2018-2019
Vikrant Aute Department of Mechanical Engineering 2017-2018
Inbal Becker-Reshef Department of Geography 2017-2018
Erik Blaufuss Department of Physics 2017-2018
Drew Fagan Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership 2017-2018
Lisa Lachenmayr University of Maryland Extension - Family and Consumer Sciences 2017-2018
Justin Lohr Department of English 2017-2018
Marilyn London Department of Anthropology 2017-2018
Tammatha O'Brien Department of Entomology 2017-2018
Adam Beissel Department of Kinesiology 2016-2017
Louis Giglio Department of Geographic Sciences 2016-2017
Lyra Hilliard Department of English 2016-2017
Daniel Levin Department of Teaching, Learning, Policy and Leadership 2016-2017
Colleen Worthington Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences 2016-2017
Justin Wyss-Gallifent Department of Mathematics 2016-2017
Sarah Balcom College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 2015-2016
Didier Depireux Institute for Systems Research 2015-2016
Aneta Georgievska-Shine Department of Art History and Archaeology 2015-2016
Alvin Mayes School of Dance, Theatre and Performance Studies 2015-2016
Marc Pound Department of Astronomy 2015-2016
Dylan Selterman Department of Psychology 2015-2016
Marc Swisdak Institute of Research in Electronics and Applied Physics 2015-2016
Christy Tirrell-Corbin Human Development and Quantative Methodology 2015-2016
Ann Weeks College of Information Studies 2015-2016