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Kinds of Information

This manual contains three kinds of information. Discussion of the APT Policy, marked in bold, will be cited by section number (e.g., APT Policy Section III.B.1). Mandatory procedures for dossier preparation are in this default font. Useful suggestions for the content of the dossier and review process are printed in italics. When there is a link to other information, it will be active when viewing the manual electronically.

Promotion and Tenure Criteria

As articulated in the University’s APT Policy (Section II):

Each college, school, and department shall develop brief, general, written Criteria for Tenure and/or Promotion. The criteria should be reviewed periodically by the Unit, as deemed necessary, but no less frequently than once every five (5) years

The Unit criteria must establish expectations for faculty members in three broad areas: (1) performance in teaching, advising, and mentoring of students; (2) performance in research, scholarship, creative and/or professional activity; (3) performance of professional service to the university, the profession, or the community.

Should Units modify their criteria during a candidate’s pre-tenure and/or promotion period, the candidate may choose which set of criteria to use for consideration of tenure and/or promotion.  Candidates must inform the Unit head and Unit APT committee chair in writing prior to the commencement of the review process regarding their choice of criteria.

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