The Curriculum Vitae

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Candidates must use the University-formatted CV to record their activities and accomplishments in the areas of Research, scholarship, creative and/or professional activity; Teaching, advising, and mentoring; Service; and if applicable, Extension. The CV should present an accurate portrait of the candidate’s accomplishments in as concise a manner as possible. The CV must be signed and dated when given to the staff member who will create the tenure dossier. This indicates that it is up to date and accurate (APT Policy Section IV). The CV will be included in each request for external evaluation.

The CV may be annotated by the candidate. Examples of annotations may include authorship order notations, student author designations, specific contributions to multi-authored published works, or other notations that serve to contextualize CV activities. The University formatted CV template is available on the Office of Faculty Affairs website.

Note: when published work is a product of a large group (more than 10 authors), not all authors need be listed.  As an example, the candidate may list the first three, the last three, and the candidate him or herself (including placement in the total author list).  That is, if a candidate named "Candidate" is the 97th author, the citation may be listed as: Smith, Jones, Johnson...Candidate (97th)...Marshall, Dennis, Kemp (total of 189 authors). Candidates may designate the identity of the author with intellectual leadership on jointly authored papers (if this designation can be appropriately ascertained) by using * or placing that name in bold, and identifying which co-authors they mentored as undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty research assistants, and junior faculty. In some Units, the designation with * and bold may be inappropriate for the culture of the area; a Unit with the approval of its college may choose a policy of abstaining from these designations.  When the research is published in a foreign language, the translation of the title should be included.

Addenda to the CV

If there are subsequent changes to the candidate’s CV, such as additional funding or new publications, they may be recorded as an addendum to the CV, which can then be included in the dossier. If the dossier has already been transmitted to the campus level, the addendum must be sent through the dean’s office. The addendum must also be signed and dated.

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