The Personal Statement

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This statement provides candidates with the opportunity to make a case for their promotion based on a demonstrated record of achievement in research, scholarship, creative and/or professional activity, teaching and mentoring, and service.  The statement ordinarily describes the questions addressed by the candidate, explains their importance to the candidate’s field, and indicates progress made in addressing these questions and directions of future creative work (APT Policy Section IV). It is incumbent on candidates to show that the work calls upon their academic and/or professional expertise, and to demonstrate the excellence of their work based on the Unit’s criteria for excellence, using such evidence as:

  • Peer review
  • Impact
  • Quality
  • Significance/Innovation

If the candidate has been involved in collaborative activities, the candidate should explain the extent of participation and type of contribution.

These statements must be no more than five (5) pages, and should avoid the introduction of "protected class" information about the candidate (e.g., gender, race, disability), and be directed toward readers who are not specialists in the candidate’s field.  The personal statement must be signed and dated.  The statement must be included in each request for external evaluation. The document may not be changed after it is given to the APT Review Committee and sent to external reviewers (APT Policy Section IV).

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