The Candidate’s Responsibilities

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  • Providing the curriculum vitae in the required University approved format. The document must be signed and dated by the candidate to indicate that it is a complete and accurate record of accomplishments as of the date signed and submitted by the candidate.
  • Providing a Personal Statement which makes a case for tenure and/or promotion based on the facts in the curriculum vitae, on the Department’s criteria for Promotion and Tenure, and on the perspective of achievements in the context of the discipline.
  • Suggesting the names of at least three or more qualified external evaluators (APT Policy Section IV.A.2). These should be widely recognized authorities in the field. The candidate may not contact evaluators to determine their willingness to provide information, or to inquire about the contents of the evaluation. The evaluators nominated by the candidate should be familiar with the candidate’s work, but should not be collaborators. It is highly recommended that candidates provide up to eight (8) names of potential external evaluators, to nominate more than three, in case one or more of the nominees is not available to serve as an external evaluator. To avoid any potential conflicts, candidates should disclose any connection (i.e., collaboration) that may influence the objectivity of the evaluator along with the list of names of potential external evaluators.
  • Providing a teaching portfolio with documentation (e.g., syllabi, examinations, instructional materials, teaching evaluations).
  • Providing publications or other forms of scholarship.
  • Selecting samples of research, scholarship, and/or creative activities for reviews by higher-level review Committees and working with the APT Review Committee to select materials for external reviewers.
  • Providing any other relevant information requested by the APT Review Committee (e.g., of scholarly work, grant proposals, notification of awards, clarifications regarding CV items, clarification regarding nominated external evaluators).
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