The Unit (First Level) APT Review Committee’s Responsibilities

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  • Gathering information and documents from the candidate.
  • Drafting the Summary Statement of Professional Achievements and presenting it to the candidate for approval two weeks prior to the time it will be distributed to the faculty and ensuring its prompt return. (APT Policy Section IV.A.6)
  • Requesting at least six external evaluations (with at least three names selected from the candidate’s list), using the candidate’s input to gather the sample of material for evaluators to evaluate, and providing a brief summary of the qualifications of the evaluators. (APT Policy Section IV.A.2)
  • Obtaining documentation on teaching, including peer reviews and student evaluations, and information on the candidate’s mentorship record.
  • Ensuring that the candidate submits a teaching portfolio.
  • Obtaining available information on the candidate’s service record.
  • Evaluating journals, presses, conferences, and other outlets in which candidate’s scholarship is disseminated.
  • Carefully reviewing and evaluating the candidate’s accomplishments in teaching, mentoring, scholarship and service, and Extension (if applicable) (APT Policy Section IV), based on the candidate’s CV, personal statements, external letters, scholarly and teaching materials and internal reports.
  • Meeting to discuss and vote on the candidate’s case for tenure and/or promotion (APT Policy IV.A.1).
  • Ensuring that the discussion and evaluation of the candidate is impartial, fair, and unbiased (this is a particular responsibility of the APT Review Committee Chair).
  • Writing reports on: (a) the decision meeting including a record of the vote, the Committee’s recommendation and its justification, and the date of the meeting; and (b) a separate evaluation of the candidate’s accomplishments and potential for future contributions (APT Policy Section IV.A.7). This latter report is often prepared by an advisory committee and is available to faculty at or prior to the voting meeting.
  • Reviewing the Chair’s summary notification letter to the candidate for accuracy (APT Policy Section IV.D). (Usually done by APT Review Committee Chair)
  • Representing the Department APT Review Committee’s perspective to higher levels of review, if the need emerges (APT Policy Section IV.B.4).

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