Professor of the Practice

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(APT POLICY SECTION I.F.14) APPOINTMENT: The material needed for Professor of the Practice is the same as for any new appointment, except that teaching evaluations may not be available.  Letters from the Chair and Dean must address the professional credentials of the candidate and the candidate’s role in fulfilling the mission of the Department.  Appointments may be for as long as 5 years and contracts are renewable (see below).

The approval route starts with review by the Department APT Review Committee including input from the Chair, and then requires evaluations by the Dean (but not the College APT Review Committee), a committee composed of the Associate Provosts and then the Provost and the President.

REAPPOINTMENT: Requires presidential approval based on letters of endorsement from the Chair, Dean and committee of the Associate Provosts. No Department vote or solicitation of outside letters is required. These recommendations and supporting material, such as CV and teaching evaluations, should be forwarded (in abbreviated dossier format with material assembled in the order listed in the table on the Transmittal Form) through the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs for approval by the Provost and President. As with other contracts, the renewal review should be conducted in the year before the year the contract expires.

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