Moving Through Higher Levels of Review

Submitted by admin on Thu, 01/30/2020 - 16:10

As long as there is one positive recommendation at the Department level (from either the APT Review Committee or the Chair) the case will proceed to all subsequent levels for review (APT Policy Section IV.A.5). That is, the case will proceed through the College and University faculty committees and administrator reviews.

During higher levels of review, questions may arise regarding a recommendation from a lower level of review.  In such cases, the College or University APT Review Committee shall meet with the APT Review Committee Chair(s) and Administrator(s) from the lower levels.  A written list of questions will be provided to the lower level representatives in advance to serve as a basis for discussion (APT Policy Section IV.B.4; Section IV.C.2).

Whenever either or both faculty and administrator recommendations are negative at higher levels of review, a letter must be sent to the candidate summarizing in general terms the nature of the considerations on which those decisions were based (APT Policy Section IV.D). The College-level notification letter should be included in the dossier file appended to the Dean’s letter and should be sent by electronic and certified mail.

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