Sample Letter to External Evaluator (Tenure and Promotion)

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Dear Dr. XXXXXX:

Dr. XXXX XXX is due to be reviewed for Associate Professor with tenure in academic year YYYY-YYYY.  I am writing to request your confidential evaluation of the qualifications of Dr. XXX for promotion to the rank of Associate Professor of XXXX with tenure.

In accordance with Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Policy and Guidelines adopted by the University of Maryland College Park, College of XXXX and Department of XXXX, I request your evaluation of the following:

  • The quality of the candidate’s research and/or creative activity, including the quality of the candidate’s publications, exhibitions, or performances; the quality of the journals, presses, or outlets in which the candidate has published, exhibited, or performed;
  • The impact and significant accomplishments of the candidate’s research and creative activity to date;
  • The candidate’s promise of becoming a leading scholar;
  • The candidate’s teaching and mentoring to the extent you are able to do so; and
  • The candidate’s service activities (e.g., public service, service to the profession).

In assessing the candidate’s qualifications for promotion and tenure, please:

  • Base your analysis on the criteria and materials provided;
  • Indicate whether you would or would not recommend this candidate for promotion and tenure at the University of Maryland; and
  • Comment on the nature of your professional interaction with the candidate and also on the candidate’s collaboration with other scholars in his/her field, if applicable.

Recognizing the disruption to faculty scholarly, instructional, and service activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Maryland provided candidates for promotion and tenure the option to extend their tenure clock by one year. Candidates for promotion and tenure may also receive additional extensions of the tenure clock according to University policy. Our policy states that the criteria for promotion and tenure at the University of Maryland are the same for all faculty regardless of length of service during the probationary period.

To assist in your evaluation, I am enclosing the following information: Dr. XXX’s latest curriculum vitae and personal statement, copies of the [X number of] sample works listed below selected by Dr. XXX, and a copy of the promotion criteria.

I realize that this information is rather extensive and will require considerable effort on your part to review.  However, your assistance in helping evaluate Dr. XXX’s credentials will be greatly appreciated and will constitute an important element in the overall evaluation.  I would be very grateful if you could respond to us in writing no later than……..  Please send your signed letter on your organization’s letterhead by e-mail as an attachment.



Chair, APT Review Committee

Department of XXX

enclosures: CV, personal statement, publications (please list), Department promotion criteria

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