Sample Letter to External Evaluators

Submitted by rfollman on Wed, 03/24/2021 - 16:06

Unit (First Level) Review Committees should use the University’s external evaluator letter template to solicit candidate letters (see Appendix).  Specific items for evaluation may be added, when appropriate, and after review and approval by the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs.  Prior to distribution to external evaluators, a sample of the preliminary email requesting availability and a sample of the letter requesting evaluation should be reviewed by the candidate at least two weeks prior to distribution. The review must be acknowledged with the candidate’s signature and date, or by the candidate’s initials and date in the appropriate box on the Candidate Verification Form.

Units (First Level) have the option of sending teaching portfolios, examinations and other instructional material to external reviewers for their evaluation.  Reviewers may be asked to comment on the scope and currency of the instructional materials and their appropriateness to the discipline and to the level of the course.  Attachments to the letter should include the criteria for promotion, any agreement of modified Unit criteria for promotion and/or tenure, the candidate’s CV, Personal Statement, the University COVID Action Timeline, and a list of scholarly and teaching materials being sent, or made available, to the evaluator. The attachments should be listed within the sample letter.

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