Summary Statement of Professional Achievement

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The Summary Statement of Professional Achievements (Summary Statement) is a factual statement of the candidate’s accomplishments in: research, scholarship, creative and/or professional activity; teaching, mentoring, and advising; service; and Extension, if applicable. The Summary Statement is often written by an Advisory Subcommittee (sometimes referred to as a Records Preparation Committee)—whose members should be identified. The purpose of the Summary Statement is to ensure that committees have correct and complete information about the candidate on which to base their evaluation (APT Policy Section IV.6).  If a tenure delay has been granted, insert the following language: “Dr. XXX has received an extension of the tenure clock per University of Maryland policy, which states that faculty members shall not be disadvantaged in promotion and tenure proceedings because they have elected to extend the time for tenure review in accordance with this policy.” The Summary Statement must not be sent to external reviewers.

At a minimum, the Summary Statement should:

  • Place the candidate’s accomplishments in research, scholarship, extension activities and/or artistic performance in the context of the discipline;
  • Summarize the candidate’s professional achievements in service and teaching in the context of the responsibilities of the Unit, the College, the University and the community;
  • Summarize peer evaluations of teaching, student course feedback surveys, and other instructional activities (e.g, curriculum and/or course development, mentoring);
  • Include measures of impact and/or excellence as appropriate to the field and/or candidate’s work (e.g., citation counts, h-index, reviews of performances/exhibits/books); and
  • Describe entrepreneurial activities (e.g., patents, start-ups, public engagement), if applicable.

The Summary Statement should be a neutral description without evaluation of the candidate’s work.

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