Emerita / Emeritus Status

Submitted by rfollman on Thu, 03/25/2021 - 10:32

(APT Policy Section I.F.7) Tenured faculty members, Librarian faculty with permanent status, and select PTK faculty who have been faculty members for ten years are eligible for nomination to Emerita/Emeritus status.  Recommendations for Emerita/Emeritus status will only be considered after the faculty member has submitted a letter of resignation and retirement or an approved retirement agreement, plus a memo from the Benefits Office confirming that the faculty member has met with them.  (Refer to the Faculty Affairs website for more information.) The review is ordinarily conducted during the candidate’s last semester of employment (APT Policy Section IV.G.3). Faculty at or above the candidate’s pre-retirement rank are entitled to vote on Emerita/ Emeritus status (APT Policy Section IV.G.4).  Candidates for Emerita/Emeritus status are not reviewed by faculty committees beyond the Department APT Review Committee.  Reviews beyond the Department are conducted by the Dean, Provost, and President (APT Policy Section IV.G.8).  Materials submitted for emeriti appointments should include a copy of the documentation of retirement and other materials mentioned in the table in the Appendix.

Dossiers for Emerita/Emeritus candidates may be submitted at any time, and the date on which Emerita/Emeritus status is to become effective must be specified. Note: Emeritus/Emerita reviews are paused between January and April to prioritize the promotion reviews of faculty members.

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