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The blank transmittal form is available from the Faculty Affairs website. Check the accuracy of information on the transmittal form carefully, particularly the record of votes, the dates of meetings, and the type of appointment (e.g., nine month, twelve month, etc.). For new appointments, a separate letter with the proposed salary and start dates must be sent to the Faculty Affairs Office when the dossier is uploaded to the APT website (See New Faculty Appointment Form). Note: There are several different transmittal forms available from the Faculty Affairs website (e.g., PTK Research Faculty, FAMILE Proposal, etc.). They are easily distinguished by the title at the top of the form. Be sure you are using the correct form, or perhaps download a new form each time you need it. All the transmittal forms are linked on the Forms and Templates page, here.

Candidate’s Name: Give the candidate’s full legal name.

UID No: Avoid disclosing Social Security Numbers by listing University ID number.

Citizenship: Tenure is granted to non-U.S. citizen candidates contingent on their possession of a visa status that permits continued employment by the University.

Summary of Votes: Record the number of: (1) positive votes, (2) negative votes, (3) mandatory abstentions, (4) voluntary abstentions, and (5) absences due to leaves, illnesses, etc. The sum of the numbers in categories 1- 5, which will be automatically calculated on the transmittal form, should equal the total number of regular faculty members eligible to vote in the relevant APT body, NOT the Unit Chair – the Chair’s vote is recorded separately. Numbers recorded on the transmittal form must match numbers reported in APT Review Committee Reports. When filling out contact information, be sure to include the Department and the College APT spokesperson.

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