Department APT Report

Submitted by rfollman on Mon, 03/29/2021 - 10:34

The department APT report must include the date of the meeting and the exact vote. This report provides the evaluative summary of the candidate’s record by the Department APT Review Committee.  It should also include the number of: (1) positive votes, (2) negative votes, (3) mandatory abstentions, (4) voluntary abstentions, and (5) absences due to leaves, illnesses, etc. These numbers must match those reported on the Transmittal Form, according to the number of regular faculty members eligible to vote in the relevant APT body, NOTE: the Unit Chair is not considered a mandatory abstention – Chairs vote separately and are accounted for as their own unique, separate category. The text of the report must be searchable.

Optional Minority APT Report

This report may be generated if one or more faculty members in the Unit disagree with the assessment provided in the committee report. If such a report is included, it must be signed by its authors.

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