Responses of External Evaluators

Submitted by rfollman on Mon, 03/29/2021 - 10:43

A minimum of 6 letters must be provided, with no more than half of those being Candidate selections. Organize the external evaluator responses according to the requestor, grouped by Unit Selections and Candidate Selections, listed in alphabetical order by last name in their respective sections. So, the letters from evaluators requested by the Unit would come first (alpha order by last name), and those suggested by the candidate would come second (alpha order by last name). Give each letter a separate bookmark that includes a C for candidate or a U for Unit (e.g., C – Smith; U – Jones). It is also helpful if the letters are provided in the same order that they appear in the Credentials of External Evaluators and the Letter Log, in alphabetical order by last name within each subcategory.

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