Student Evaluation Data (Required Template)

Submitted by rfollman on Mon, 03/29/2021 - 10:38

These evaluation scores are an important indicator of teaching excellence. They must be clearly presented using the Tableau report developed by IRPA and the Office of Faculty Affairs:

  • Faculty members may access the instructor version of the report here.
  • Administrators may access the administrator version of the report here.

Be aware that you must log into the VPN before accessing either of the above links. 

In general, we recommend that units use the Administrator version of the report. However, administrator versions of the report may not fully encompass all of the student assessments. For example, the administrator report will not include course evaluations for courses taught by a faculty member outside the unit (such as Honors courses), or cross-listed courses.

Student comments should not be included, though a faculty member may include student comments in their teaching portfolio if they wish to do so. Note also that Spring 2020 student course evaluations are not provided in the administrator view of faculty course evaluations and should not be included in the main dossier. Faculty members may include Spring 2020 course evaluations in the teaching portfolio, should they elect to do so. 

The course evaluation summary to be included in the dossier must be shared with the candidate, who will indicate agreement by signature and date. 

If your College does not use the university standard course evaluation system or the candidate teaches in a non-traditional format that does not generate system evaluations, there should also be an explanation of the rating system that is used, as well as documentation of instructional assessments.

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