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Submitted by mfraz on Fri, 07/02/2021 - 10:30
July 02, 2021

University of Maryland Policies and Procedures Governing Faculty Grievances states the university shall have a Faculty Ombuds Officer, who serves as a neutral and impartial officer to provide confidential and informal assistance to faculty and administrators in resolving concerns related to their work. Operating outside of ordinary administrative structures, the Faculty Ombuds Officer serves as a counselor, fact-finder, mediator, and negotiator, but not as an advocate for any party to a dispute. 
The Faculty Ombuds Officer serves all faculty and administrators. They shall attempt to resolve disputes informally before they enter formal grievance channels and shall advise those who seek information about what constitutes a grievance and what the grievance procedures are. The Officer shall have access to suitable legal counsel, prepare an annual report and offer recommendations for policy change to the University Senate and the President. Compensation may be in the form of release time or part-time salary. 

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