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Assistant Artist-in-Residence


This title, generally parallel to Assistant Professor, is intended for those persons whose professional activities are of a creative or performance nature, including but not limited to theatre, dance, music, and art. Normally, appointees to this rank shall hold the terminal degree in the field and/or have demonstrated superior ability in professional activities. 

Appointment Term

Appointments to this rank are typically one to three years and are renewable.


Faculty with continuous full-time service of less than seven years must be provided written notice on non-renewal at least 90 days prior to the end of the appointment term. If such service is for seven years or more, the notice period is at least six months. In all other cases, e.g., part-time faculty, faculty whose appointment term is less than an academic year, or full-time faculty with discontinuous service, the notice period is at least 30 days. If the length of required notice of non-renewal cannot be completed within the time remaining in the appointment term, this may be remedied by extending the Agreement by the number of days necessary to complete the notice requirement.

For more information, see the Policy on Notification for Professional Track Faculty Contract changes.


University contract language details five reasons that a professional track faculty member's appointment may be terminated. Before terminating a faculty appointment prior to the end of term, it is recommended that the unit head consult with the Office of General Counsel.