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Associate Research Scholar


This rank is generally parallel to Associate Professor. In addition to the qualifications required of the Assistant Research Scholar, appointees shall have extensive successful experience in scholarly or creative endeavors sufficient to have established a regional and national reputation among colleagues, and where appropriate, the ability to propose, develop, and manage research projects. Appointees should provide tangible evidence of sound scholarly production in research, publications, professional achievements, or other distinguished and creative activities. 

Hiring Procedures

If the appointment is actually a promotion to a higher rank within the title series (e.g. Assistant Research Scientist to Associate Research Scientist), the procedures outlined in the unit's Plan of Organization should be followed. This generally includes a vote of tenured and research faculty at higher ranks and often also calls for college-level approval.

The faculty member and academic administrators should complete the appropriate Appointment Agreement.

Appointment Term

Appointments to this rank are typically one to five years and are renewable.