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Professor of the Practice


This title may be used to appoint individuals who have demonstrated excellence in the practice as well as leadership in specific fields. The appointee shall have attained regional and national prominence and, when appropriate, international recognition of outstanding achievement. Additionally, the appointee shall have demonstrated superior teaching ability appropriate to assigned responsibilities. As a minimum, the appointee shall hold the terminal professional degree in the field or equivalent stature by virtue of experience. Appointees will hold the rank of Professor but, while having the stature, will not have rights that are limited to tenured faculty.  This title does not carry tenure, nor does time served as a Professor of the Practice count toward achieving tenure in another title.

Hiring Procedures

No offer of appointment to this title may be made before the President has approved the appointment. However, a letter of intent to hire may be sent after gaining approval of the appointment from the hiring Department's Dean(s). New appointments may be submitted at any time. All requests for new appointments must be accompanied by the New Faculty Appointment Information Form that provides the information that is necessary for presidential approval of the appointment.

Upon Presidential approval, the faculty member and appropriate academic administrators should complete an Appointment Agreement

Appointment Term

Initial appointment is for periods up to five years, and reappointment is possible.