PTK Working Group

Office of Faculty Affairs Forms PTK Working Group to Review Professional Track Faculty Matters

During the 2010-2011 Academic Year, the University formed the Task Force on Non-Tenure Track Faculty in order to address a number of issues  regarding non-tenure track faculty employed by the University, such as:

  • Policies and procedures for evaluating and promoting of non-tenure track faculty;
  • Recognition for outstanding contributions, including merit pay for non-tenure track faculty;
  • Opportunities for participation in shared governance;
  • Compensation, especially among instructional faculty; and
  • Title series for non-tenure track faculty.

The work of the Task Force led to today’s Professional Track (PTK) Faculty designation, as well as a number of University policies, guidelines, and procedures regarding PTK faculty that were implemented between 2014 and 2017 (see here for a detailed review and timeline of University PTK action items). 

As the University continues to evolve, especially with the release of the University’s Strategic Plan Fearlessly Forward by President Darryll J. Pines and Provost Jennifer King Rice, so too do matters related to PTK faculty. With the benefit of several years of experience regarding the implementation of our PTK policies and procedures, the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) has constituted a PTK Faculty Working Group comprised of PTK and TTK faculty, staff and administrators on behalf of Provost Jennifer King Rice to review and assess current issues related to PTK faculty. During the 2022-2023 Academic Year, the Working Group will engage in such matters as:

  • Reviewing current PTK faculty titles and designations;
  • Reviewing campus-level PTK promotion procedures and guidelines;
  • Advising and formulating recommendations for a University policy on instructional PTK faculty workload;
  • Reviewing current PTK contracts and contract terms; and
  • Identifying gaps in existing PTK faculty policies and procedures that may require additional University policy and guideline development and/or modification.

The goal of the Working Group is to develop a report of recommendations to Provost Rice regarding possible changes to PTK faculty policies and procedures. This report will provide essential information for Provost Rice in determining how best to work with the University Senate and the OFA to address the recommendations developed by the Working Group. 

Working Group Members




Andrea Brown

Associate Clinical Professor

College of Arts and Humanities

Diganta Das

Associate Research Scientist

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Protiti Dastidar

Associate Clinical Professor

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Ralph Ferraro

Principal Faculty Specialist

College of Computer, Mathematical & Natural Sciences (ESSIC)

Paul Goeringer

Senior Faculty Specialist

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Ursula Gorham-Oscilowski

Senior Lecturer


Sara Lombardi

Senior Lecturer

College of Computer, Mathematical & Natural Sciences

Rafael Lorente

Associate Dean

Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Amy Pate

Executive & Research Director

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (START)

Will Reed

Professor & Chair

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Jackie Urban Takacs

Principal Agent

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UME)

Colleen Worthington

Clinical Professor

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences/ADVANCE

Jo Zimmerman

Senior Lecturer

School of Public Health

John Bertot

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

Office of Faculty Affairs (Ex-Officio)

Andrea Goltz

Director for Faculty Initiatives

Office of Faculty Affairs (Ex-Officio)