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Welcome to the Office of Faculty Affairs at the University of Maryland. The Office exists to help faculty members achieve professional excellence as we continue on our path toward becoming “equal to the best.” We seek to attract and retain top talent while supporting all aspects of the faculty experience. From recruitment through retirement and emeriti engagement, we are the source of faculty life on campus.

Receive updates and review resources on the gradual reopening of campus amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Returning to Work on Campus
Understand the steps you need to take before returning to campus.

Supporting Faculty Members | Guide for Unit Heads

OFA and ADVANCE have created a document to offer suggestions to academic leaders about how to balance faculty member needs impacted by the COVID-19 crisis on faculty members with the need to continue department operations, offer high-quality instruction to students, and support research excellence. Download the file.

Faculty Health & Safety Expectations

The Office of Faculty Affairs has updated its guidance regarding faculty member compliance with the established and required health and safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. Download the file.

Modified APT / AEP / APPSC Guidelines
A graph demonstrating "Flattening the curve"

In recognition of the continued impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Faculty Affairs has updated its modified guidelines for college and unit-level promotion processes. Click here to download a copy.

In Memoriam
Mark Wellman

on December 26, 2021

Faculty Staff Assistance Program

The Faculty Staff Assistance Program started 33 years ago as a free and confidential resource for faculty and staff members and their families. Learn how FSAP provides support and services to faculty/staff and administrators, trends they're seeing related to the return to campus and COVID-19, and upcoming staffing changes. Read more.

Faculty Success

Watermark recently renamed the Digital Measures platform to Faculty Success to more clearly articulate its core focus and how it supports us in recognizing achievement. Learn more about the new changes.

The faculty reporting system remains available to faculty to continue to update their activities throughout the year. Find tutorials, guides, and other resources at

Promotion and Periodic Review Guidance

In recognition of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) issued the attached guidance regarding University promotion, promotion and tenure, and unit level reviews for tenured/tenure track, professional track, and permanent status/permanent status track faculty. Download the file.

University of Maryland Emeritus/Emerita Association (UMEEA)

Become a Member | Learn More About the Association 

UMEEA encourages and facilitates the continued involvement of retired faculty with the university, identifies and advances the continuing intellectual interests and scholarly activities of UMEEA members, offers a range of programs on topics of interest, and more.

UMD Institutional Member of National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity
National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity Logo

Become a member of NCFDD. Register to attend a NCFDD writing challenge, webinar or core curriculum workshop.

Critical Friends for Chairs and Unit Heads

OFA will be initiating a Critical Friends program at UMD starting in Spring 2022. The Critical Friends process focuses on developing collegial relationships, encouraging reflective practice, and rethinking leadership. If you are a chair or unit head and think you might be interested, please fill out this brief survey. Learn more about Critical Friends.


Hear how shared experiences and programs address COVID-19, and its impact on research, teaching, and workloads. Also learn how ADVANCE’s participation in the Aspire Alliance Institutional Change Initiative, a project to ensure that faculty from underrepresented groups thrive on campus, is making progress. Read more.

Meet Dr. Van Bailey: New Director of Bias Incident Support Services

UMD is excited to welcome an important new member of our community, Dr. Van Bailey, as the Director of Bias Incident Support Services (BISS). BISS is a program housed in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion that educates, reports and responds to the campus community about hate-bias incidents. Dr. Bailey has spent seventeen years focusing on “LGBTQ+ equity and support on different college campuses.” Read more.

UMD Mentoring Guidance
Computer monitor with Mentoring Document written on the screen.

The Office of Faculty Affairs has established updated mentoring guidance. This document is to guide unit heads, deans, and faculty members on:

  1. the particular requirements around mentoring at the University of Maryland;
  2. recommendations from the Office of Faculty Affairs on optimal mentoring beyond the requirements; and
  3. best practices for strong mentoring and developmental networks.

Download the document.

A number of circumstances may require you to temporarily migrate your class online with short notice: a campus closure, increased absenteeism during a flu outbreak, inclement weather, etc. This site will provide you with guidance, strategies, and resources for making a swift change to your course delivery method and leveraging the appropriate technology to keep your course running. 

Also see, a collection of IT articles and links about preparing to telework.