October TLTC Workshops

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September 22, 2021

Active Learning Techniques for Large (and Small) Classes
Tuesday, October 5, 2 - 3:15 pm
It can be difficult to incorporate active learning techniques into large lecture-style classes, but it makes all the difference! Join us to learn about strategies that are practical and effective in a wide variety of classroom sizes and settings. Register for Active Learning Techniques.

Collecting and Responding to Midterm Feedback
Wednesday, October 6, 11-12:15 am
End-of-semester course evaluations are too late to make a difference! Learn how to use the Mid-Semester Evaluation of College Teaching (MSECT) to get feedback from your students and improve your teaching when it counts. Register for Midterm Feedback.

Active Learning Lab
Tuesday, October 12, 2 - 3:15pm
You've heard about techniques for active learning, and now you're ready to try them out. Bring your ideas, questions, and problems. TLTC staff members are ready to help you integrate active learning techniques into your class. Register for Active Learning Lab (attend in-person in ESJ 0201).

How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Practices for Smart Teaching
Wednesday, October 13, 10 - 11:15am
Based on the book How Learning Works by Ambrose, Bridges, Lovett, DiPietro, and Norman, this workshop combines evidence-based learning research and effective teaching practices to create the best possible outcomes for students. Register for How Learning Works.

Infusing Inclusion
Thursday, October 14, 10 - 11:15am
Let’s review some trends related to students on college campuses, including ours, and explore strategies to be intentionally inclusive in your teaching practice, classroom climate, course content, and assessment. Register for Infusing Inclusion.

Turning Point Clickers for Formative Assessment
Wednesday, October 20, 11am - 12pm
Clickers can be a powerful tool for formative assessment. Learn WHY and HOW to collect information about what your students know. Beginner and intermediate Clickers users welcome! Register for Turning Point Clickers for Formative Assessment (attend in-person in ESJ 0201).

Cultivating a Growth Mindset in Your Students
Thursday, October 21, 2 - 3:15pm
What if all your students saw challenge and failure as an exciting opportunity to learn more? In this session, you'll explore theories of growth vs. fixed mindsets and learn how you can adjust your behaviors and course design to build your students' confidence in their ability to learn and grow over time. Register for Growth Mindset.

Large Lecture Engagement Panel
Tuesday, October 26, 10 - 11:30 am
Hear from instructors who are experts at engaging students actively even in their largest lecture classes. Ask questions, hear their strategies, and get ideas you can implement in your own classroom. Register for Large Lecture Engagement Panel.

Becoming an Anti-Racist Educator Panel
Thursday, October 28, 1 - 2:30pm
In this panel, you will hear from instructors on campus who are exploring what it means to be an anti-racist educator. Join us to learn from their experiences and ask questions! Register for Becoming an Anti-Racist Educator Panel.

November Design Sprint
Are you preparing to teach in Winter or Spring 2021? 

Work with us to design your in-person, blended or online course for the Winter or Spring semester. Participate in a series of four live webinars and two individual design consultations. Through this experience, we will share evidence-based practices to help you: Build community in your course Incorporate inclusive and engaging teaching practicesDesign an effective ELMS user-experienceAlign assignments to your course goalsIncrease feedback and simplify communication with your studentsDevelop multimedia for effective learningLive Sessions - via Zoom on November 1, 8, 15, & 29 from 2 - 3:30 pm (EST)
Consultations - Individually scheduled 

Participation in all sessions is encouraged, but accommodations can be made. 

Register for the November Design Sprint.

Contact the Teaching and Learning Transformation Center (TLTC) for more information: https://tltc.umd.edu/ | tltc@umd.edu | 301-405-9356