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Emeriti Faculty


The word emerita or emeritus after any academic title listed above shall designate a faculty member who has retired from full-time employment in the University of Maryland at College Park after meritorious service to the University in the areas of teaching, research, or service. Associate Professors, Professors, Distinguished University Professors, Senior Agents, Principal Agents, Librarians III, Librarians IV, Professors of the Practice, Research Professors, Research Scientists, Research Scholars, Research Engineers, Artists-in-Residence, Principal Agent Associates, Clinical Professors, Principal Lecturers, and Principal Faculty Specialists, who have been members of the faculty of the University of Maryland at College Park for the equivalent of ten or more years of full-time service, and who give to their Chair or Dean proper written notice of their intention to retire, are eligible for nomination to emerita/emeritus status (see I.F.12 Emerita, Emeritus).  Only in exceptional circumstances may faculty with fewer than the equivalent of ten years of full-time service to the institution be recommended for emerita/emeritus status.

The decision whether or not to award emeritus standing shall be based primarily on the candidate's record of significant accomplishment in any of the three areas of (1) teaching and advisement, (2) research, scholarship, creative and/or professional activity, and (3) service.

More information about process and timelines is available on the Retirement Procedures page and in the APT Guidelines.

Dossiers for emeritus/a candidates may be submitted at any time, but the preferred time period is between April 1 and May 15. Please specify the date on which emeritus/a status is to become effective.