APT Manual and Guidelines

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The Appointment, Promotion and Tenure (APT) Manual and Guidelines are updated on an as-needed basis, with a date at the foot of each page to indicate when that page was updated. In order to be sure you are using the most up-to-date copy of the Guidelines, please refer directly to the Faculty Affairs website (http://faculty.umd.edu).

If you are using a PDF copy of the APT Manual and Guidelines, please download an updated version at least twice a year. A PDF version of the APT Manual and Guidelines is available here.

This document was last updated on March 30, 2021.

Most Recent Updates

  • Clarification of the promotion and tenure review processes and procedures, such as the structures of reviews for each level (Unit, College, Campus); responsibilities of APT committees and APT administrators, Chairs, and Deans; and required documentation (e.g., use of the required University formatted CV, use of the required external evaluator letter request template).
  • Revisions to the University external letter evaluator request, to include a letter specifically for promotions to Full Professor.
  • Inclusion of an optional COVID-19 impact statement by candidates.
  • Expectations for adherence to required dossier documentation and contents (e.g., a candidate personal statement of no more than five pages, inclusion of required candidate peer evaluations, use of the student course evaluation template).
  • Clarification of candidate supplemental materials, in particular supplemental materials that reference web-based or other non-static content.
  • Clarification regarding candidate review and certification of dossier materials. In particular, candidates must receive a copy of the sample external evaluator letter at least two weeks prior to requests being sent to selected external evaluators.
  • Guidance on identifying and articulating the impact of candidates whose scholarly and creative activities are largely or exclusively collaborative.
  • Clarification on the purpose and use of minority reports.
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